Happenings in my April

cherry bloom

Outside my window . . . Yoshino cherry tree blossoms, a favorite thing about spring in my neighborhood

I am thinking . . . about lyrics to Cornerstone for a post next week in the #SingPraise series at Do Not Depart


I am learning . . . new songs for Easter with my church choir

That same Spirit
That raised Jesus
From the dead
Lives on the inside of me

I am thankful . . . for the authentic and strong faith of my friend Linda in the midst of losing her 22-yr-old son Lindsey last Saturday

I am hearing . . . echoes of songs I was blessed to sing with Linda and special friends from my old church last Sunday night

I am appreciating . . . though circumstances may change, relationships live on in the family of God, through life and past death


I am looking forward to . . . reading/discussing The Four Agreements with one of my sisters and a niece, two of the other great book lovers in my family

I am (also) reading . . . these books, and at last, The Brothers Karamazov—I’m giving myself several months to do it

I am resolving . . . to be happy that Jeff will probably win our March Madness family bracket (again); I’m already out (again), but go Florida anyway!

I am going . . . to Cleveland, Ohio, this month with Jeff and my in-laws for my f-i-l’s heart surgery

I am praying . . . this will bring complete restoration of his normally good health

I am realizing . . . I should receive the “Lightest Packer” award among the 4 Corners for having the least bags; we barely fit in the car with all our luggage for a few days at the beach


One of my favorite things . . . laughing with these best friends since childhood and hopefully forever



I am pondering these words . . .

“The gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus into our lives. It is that Jesus has received us into his.”
– C. Baxter Kruger

I am discovering . . . more and more reasons to enjoy grown-up kids; not only was it fun having Morgan home last weekend, but she was a big help in the kitchen hosting our extended family for lunch

A few plans for the weekend . . . Jenna coming home, Lindsey’s funeral, watching Frozen with the family women, Sunday lunch with the in-laws

* * *

Anything fun happening in your weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Happenings in my April

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Isn’t the beach just the best place ever? We went a couple weeks ago and even though it was quite chilly, it was still amazing. Hope you have a great weekend, Linda!

  1. Lynn Severance

    Lisa – some summers ago, I took my large volume of “The Brothers Karamazov” off my book shelf ( had been there much too long ) and delved into it.

    However, I highly recommend, for full enjoyment ,that you consider the audio book to accompany it. I still had the book at my side but listening to someone else ( a great narrator ) glide effortlessly over those many long names beyond my ability to pronounce let alone keep straight “who was who” was a real key for me getting a lot out of the book. The narrator made it easy for me to keep everyone straight and I could concentrate on this amazing story. It has become one of my favorite books among the classics and I am not sure that would have occurred with my attempts at reading alone. Then again, I have visual limitations and fatigue easily. Just a thought. I look forward to your review. “Good luck” with trying to cull out any excepts as there are MANY wonderful ones.

    xo Lynn

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks so much for this encouragement and advice, Lynn. I will take it and try to find an audio copy! The names are already getting to me. My mind wants to pronounce them but the vowels and consonants aren’t going together well for me. ha.

      My other obstacle is just the size. So I’m trying to view it like a series on TV–it takes months, a little at a time, to watch the whole thing. And when books are really good, I want them to keep going on and on anyway. 🙂

  2. Lea

    What a refreshing blog Lisa! Thanks for stopping by mine. It’s always nice to meet a new sister in Christ. Your Daybook was so enjoyable and I would have been the girlfriend with the most bags on the trip. I have just never learned how to be a “smart packer.”

    We’re off to two funerals of dear folks in our church body today. So, so much sadness surrounds us but thankfully we know that this earthly life is just the beginning.

    Happy weekend to you!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Well, somebody has to win the “Heaviest Packer” award too. Might as well be you, right? 🙂

      Sorry about the loss of the two in your church body. The funeral I attended on Saturday was heart-wrenching, but also beautiful because yes, we know this is just the beginning of the most wonderful things ahead in the next life.

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