Books I Recommend – January 2016



1. 10-Minute Digital Declutter
The Simple Habit to Eliminate Overwhelm from Technology, Social Media, and Online Distractions
by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

[my full review of 10-Minute Digital Declutter]


Excellent guide to cleaning up our computers, phones, inboxes, and all things digital. It’s helped me get my digital photos finally reorganized this month.

2. Better Than Before
Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives
by Gretchen Rubin

[my full review of Better Than Before]


Another great book for practically organizing our daily lives in the best way possible. Includes many how-to’s as well as why’s.

3. The Irrational Season
(Crosswalks Journals, #3)
by Madeleine L’Engle


This memoir from the author of the A Wrinkle in Time series takes us through L’Engle’s seasons of life in relation to seasons in the liturgical year. This is the January selection for the Red Couch Book Club. Join the conversation on Facebook here.

4. Son
(The Giver Quartet, #4)
by Lois Lowry


Finally it all comes together. Beginning with The Giver, then Gathering Blue, and Messenger, this final book in the quartet ties up the loose ends. I enjoyed this series and recommend it for young adult reading.

5. Dirty Faith
Bringing the Love of Christ to the Least of These
by David Z. Nowell

[quotes here from Dirty Faith]


If you don’t mind getting your toes stepped on, this book will convict you to get out there and get messy in other people’s lives. A great read to encourage us to practice our faith even when it’s hard.


  • An Abundance of Katherines
    by John Green
  • The Path of Centering Prayer: Deepening Your Experience of God
    by David Frenette
  • The Fellowship of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings, #1)
    by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • A Return to Love
    by Marianne Williamson
  • When You Reach Me
    by Rebecca Stead

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13 thoughts on “Books I Recommend – January 2016

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I’ve been very ill through January, and reading about a book a day…can’t do much else.

    The most compelling was a re-read, David Bellavia’s ‘House To House”, his memoir of Phantom Fury, the second battle for Fallujah in November 2004.

    I needed to re-read this book, and God placed it back in my hands when I needed it most.

    It’s a story of real faith…not the plastic kind we tend to accept in lives that are blessedly sheltered, and I hope it’s all right that I quote a bit of it. The profanities will be redacted.

    A soldier’s prayer –

    “Listen, I’ve bee a horrible ****ing person,. I’m not gonna ask You to forgive me. I’m not gonna ask You to make it quick. I know I deserve to ****ing suffer and hurt. I expect that. But I am just telling You that I will die the way I should have lived my ***ing life – without fear. I will be completely fearless, and if I say I believe in You, then **** it, I believe in You. And this is the way I’m going out, faithful and unafraid. They’re fanatics. Fine. I’ll be a fanatic, too.”

    My prayer as well, for my last battle. Different enemy, same ****ing war. Bring it.

    I’ll die with my name on my lips, God, and facing forward.

  2. Susan

    Lots of good stuff here — I remember reading “When You Reach Me” when my oldest was about gr. 5 and recommended it (she’s now in college) — very good. Anxious to hear if you like “Katherines;” I would like to read more Green after loving TFIOS. I liked “Better than Before,” too. Good thoughts there …

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