Will You Be Good at Your Thing Today?
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A Longer Wait?

It’s an early Monday morning. I am sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office. I’m listening for my name to be called.

Then a new family walks in.

And I know.

I look at my watch on my arm. I mentally add on another 30 minutes. That’s how much longer I estimate my wait has just increased.

Because the young boy with his mom and siblings is visibly nervous. Like me, he is also there to have his blood drawn. He is not happy about it.

And if his name is called before mine, there’s going to be a long time of hand-holding and reassurance from the nurse before it’s ever my turn.

The Good Nurse

The mom signs in her family and sits down with two of her children while the young boy makes a dash for the restroom. He stays. And stays.

The nurse opens the door behind the counter and calls the boy’s name.

But he’s still in the bathroom. The mother says it could be a few more minutes before he’s ready.

I feel bad for him.

But happy they now call my name instead.

I get the good nurse. I’m so glad. Several times in the past she’s been the one to draw my blood. She’s so proficient at her job that I barely feel the prick. 

Today is no exception.

I tell her so. She’s used to hearing this praise. But she’s still humble in her acceptance of it.

Be Good at Your Thing

We’re finished, so I grab my wallet and head for the door to drive home. But in the waiting room, the young boy’s name is being called again. With fear in his eyes, this time he’s going with the nurse.

If only he could understand how blessed he’ll be to have this nurse to draw his blood, too. I hope things go well for him and for her.

Maybe this will be the positive experience he needs to release some of his fear.

There are many things we can be good at in this world. God gives several talents to each person.

But on this morning on this day, this nurse being good at drawing blood might make all the difference to this young boy.

Whatever you do today, if you can, do it well.

It might move someone from feeling terrified to being glad to see you. 

Image: Whatever you do today, if you can, do it well.

Grace & Truth Featured Post

When Paula was about to enter her mom’s hospital room, she stopped short. She stood and watched from the door as a nurse so compassionately washed and brushed her mom’s hair.

Can we be a blessing like that to someone today?

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Did You Know You Might Be Someone’s Blessing?

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11 thoughts on “Will You Be Good at Your Thing Today?
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Donna

    Great story Lisa! I am always on the look out for people doing great work at whatever they do! What a difference they make in our lives. I remember a nurse drawing blood for my youngest daughter who was so scared and had a bad experience during her severe illness at only 10 years old. That nurse helped a scared little girl overcome her fear and we still talk about her kindness these many years later!

  2. Barbara Harper

    This touched my heart. We can shine for Him in whatever He has called us to.

    This also encouraged me in something I was thinking about writing and helped confirm to me that this was the direction He wanted me to go.

  3. Maryleigh

    This is beautiful – and empowering! I had my blood drawn last week – and, yes, there are nurses who have a gift – and I don’t feel a thing. Then there are nurses who don’t have the same gift and it’s uncomfortable. You’ve given me a sweet message to start my tomorrow being the best at what I’m called to do tomorrow! Thank you, Lisa!

  4. Lois Flowers

    I love this, Lisa. God has given each of us strengths and abilities–from teaching to blood drawing–and it’s beautiful to see someone using those gifts with confidence and compassion. (A nurse who does this is especially wonderful–worth his or her weight in gold, in my opinion!)

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