Wherever Truth Comes From, Listen

If we don’t like the messenger, we often don’t want to believe the message. Maybe the message is from the wrong news channel. Or a dirty politician. Or someone known for ego-building.

But truth is truth, no matter who tells it.

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As I review Philippians 1 this week (a chapter I struggled hard to memorize, so I don’t want to lose it!), I pause again at this verse:

“What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice. Yes, and I will rejoice.”
Philippians 1:18

The apostle Paul was telling the Philippians that some were preaching the gospel with pure motives, with love. But others were preaching it because they were envious and selfish.

But so what?

Or as Paul put it, “What then?” He still rejoiced.

As long as Christ was proclaimed, Paul was satisfied that the good news was spreading. (Now if the content is bad? That’s another story. See Galatians 1:6-9.)

Paul wasn’t shooting the messenger. Neither should we.

Wherever the God-honest truth comes from, listen to it. God dispels His wisdom from a variety of sources, some of which don’t seem logical to us.

When Jesus is being preached? Be like Paul. Don’t shoot the messenger.


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16 thoughts on “Wherever Truth Comes From, Listen

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    preaching Christ and the truth of the Scripture is key I believe Lisa. Not some of the shallow pablum we hear from the airwaves and even in the pulpits of so many today. I’m convinced the Millenials and Z’s don’t want to be stroked with “feel good” stuff. If they have come to hear, they have come to hear the truth.

  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Can you listen to a man
    with dirt under his fingernails,
    who, when his life just began
    was destined for the hardest gaols?
    Can you listen to a pastor,
    soft of voice and pale of face,
    or to a shirtless dreadlocked Rasta
    sayin’, mon, de Word o’ Grace?
    Can you listen to a sheila
    from some dusty outback town,
    or to megachurch’s healer
    who your friends think is a clown?
    Can you listen, can you hear?
    In all their voices, God is near.

  3. Beth

    Yes! So true, Lisa! I love how you’ve approached a very important verse in such a simple and profound way–calling us to action! If only we would listen! That’s my prayer for our faith community and our nation, my friend! Pinning and tweeting this!

  4. Pam Ecrement

    This is an important message. For too many, the issue must begin with discerning the truth as so many voices are trying to convince of what the truth is (whether that be a doctrinal issue, an eschatology position, a translation, a political view, etc.). It seems that biases and opinions rule the day much of the time. I hear Pilate echoing the question in some cases (“What is truth?”)>

    I am grateful for a church body where we are members that I believe the truth of the Word is presented consistency and without apology or choosing only the things that are easiest to hear.

  5. mariel

    Yes! This made me think of when on the mount of Transfiguration the Father speaks over them and says, “This is my Beloved Son, LISTEN TO HIM!” iT matters if we are listening to the Word or not! Thank you for the reminder to keep listening!

  6. Trudy

    Yes, may we cling to what we know is the Truth through God’s Word. Thank you, Lisa. This is a troubling time, and we need more than ever to screen everything we hear through what God tells us is the Truth. Love and blessings of strength and peace to you!

  7. Lynn

    Each of us can hear a message differently even when delivered from the same source. We sure have our filters! But God knows who can speak to us individually and sends those messengers our way. We have to stay in His truth and listen, like you say, to hear Him in this noisy world of ours! Important message for today, Lisa. Thank you!

  8. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Excellent post, Lisa, which is one reason I can read a “secular” work and still find truth. (I know Christians who will *only* read the Bible and books by Christian authors on Christian topics). “All truth is God’s truth.” That said, one must know what God’s truth is, and even Christians can disagree about that, through various denominational and theological interpretations of Scripture. But hopefully, we will not disagree with the truth of the Gospel itself and that Jesus Himself is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that no one comes to the Father save through faith in Him. And theologically and politically, when we hear what we know is blatant falsehood (I’m not talking about spin, but contradictory remarks from the *same* politician, and that contradict actual facts and evidentiary statistics, or if said politician’s actions or words contradict Scripture, as Christians, bound to tell and recognize truth, we must call it out as falsehood–no exceptions).

    Love all you write, Miss Lisa.

  9. Lois Flowers

    This is definitely a good word, Lisa. My frequent prayer is from Psalm 43:3 … “Send your light and your truth, let them lead me.” With so many voices speaking so many different things, discernment is so important. But I can’t conjure that up on my own, for sure!

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