When our love isn’t enough

we love God so much

My love is being tested.

Some people are harder to love than others. I introduced you to Darryl here.

If I can’t love the least of these, can I say I love God?

What do we do when our own love isn’t enough?

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We’re reading through 1 John 4 this month at Do Not Depart. We’re now on 1 John 4:7-12.

Will you join me there?

Since God Loved Us

5 thoughts on “When our love isn’t enough

  1. Sharon

    Lisa, I read this and just had to stop and ponder. As a germaphobe, I could really feel the discomfort, physically, of entering an environment like Daryl’s. I would be hard-pressed to do it myself. But, I was brought to tears when I read how things are a little cleaner and more organized in his world now. Yes, perhaps a ray of *SONshine* can bring hope to the darkest corners. And perhaps God is calling US to be the ones to carry it.


    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I can show germaphobe tendencies myself, Sharon, so yeah, I still try not to touch anything in the room. But I have been amazed at how the environment has improved as Darryl’s mood has improved with us. God is just that good.

  2. June

    The name reminds me of the Daryl’s on the Bob Newhart show from the 80’s. They were hard to love, too, as I recall. Lisa, you are doing the hard work of loving. Being the hands and feet of Jesus. We don’t always get to see the evidence of change that God’s love {through us} stimulates in a person. How blessed you are that God has shown you the power of His love in Daryl’s life. And how blessed we are that you’ve shared it! I can only imagine how this has grown your faith and enabled you to keep walking the talk! Well done.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I do remember those Darryls too, June. 🙂 (We’re dating ourselves, ha). You’re right that often we only plant seeds but don’t get to see growth. Other times we see growth from seeds we didn’t plant. It’s best when we can keep that whole picture in mind to keep us humble and not take credit for ourselves. God is awesome to continuously give us opportunities. I’m sure I’ve missed FAR more than I’ve taken, but I thank him for not giving up on me. Have a blessed weekend!

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