When old seeds bloom

The seeds were packaged for 2008. I should have cleaned out the garage long ago and thrown them out. But I didn’t.

Only this spring of 2013 did I plant them. I expected little if anything.

If I were to get a bloom, I’d be amazed.

I do that when I plant seeds.
I’m never sure if it’ll matter.

I’d been planting seeds for months with a man named Ronald. I’d seen him come through the line at Manna House enough to recognize him week after week. He’d often stop by the clothing room to ask for a shirt for his young daughter or a pair of shorts for his son. Always friendly, always thankful.

After a few weeks I could finally remember his name (yeah, it takes me awhile) and greet him with a smile and eventually a hug. Maybe a “How are you this week? I’m glad to see you.” Nothing much. Things you learn in Be Nice 101.

Old seeds.

No special week in particular I did the same thing again.

But two weeks later, Ronald intentionally sought me out at Manna House. He had something he’d been wanting to say.

He told me how sometimes he shows up at Manna House feeling down. Two weeks ago in particular he was very discouraged. And then he saw me and I gave him a smile and a hug. And that was just what he needed. It turned him around and gave him a lift that changed everything.

He’d been wanting to tell me how much it mattered.

A bloom.
From old seeds.
Tiny little things I thought were powerless.

That’s the beauty of gardening with God.

When he lays down the Miracle Grow, things happen. He makes no guarantee to show us what fruit may bloom. And we can’t demand to see it.

But plant anyway.

Because now and again, we do see a bloom. And our faith will bloom with it.    

My packet of seeds from 2008? It actually produced flowers.

And I was amazed.


* * *

Do you ever feel like your little seeds are nothing? Then you see God grow something with them? Please share.

14 thoughts on “When old seeds bloom

  1. Dianna

    What a blessing to read here today, my friend! Those smiles do it every time…whether we ever see evidence of it or not. I’m glad that Arnold was able to share with you how your greetings have meant so much to him! Love you!

  2. Tracy

    Hi Lisa, I love this post. It is a great reminder that what we say and do….. matters. Great encouragement to plant the “right” seeds! Thanks for linking up. I always love seeing you there.
    God bless

  3. Mia

    Dear Lisa
    How incredibly blessed you were the day when you that little flower of love that bloomed and I am sure through your seeds you have sown in Ronald’s life, many flowers are blooming at his place where you cannot even see!
    Blessings XX

  4. Mary

    Oh friend…this makes me cry. So often just a smile or a kind nod is all people need to feel better. A hug? Well, that is like the cherry on a hot fudge sundae! Thank you for sharing this Lisa! I love it.

  5. Dolly@Soulstops

    What a gift you are…to faithfully smile and hug…what good seeds you were planting…I am so happy Ronald was able to share with you and encourage you so you could encourage us…look at all that blooming beauty 🙂

  6. Barbara H.

    With my mad skillz, I can’t guarantee I’ll get flowers from seeds even from the current year. 🙂 Sometimes we just don’t know what a smile or a kind word will do for a person – so easy to give and yet so often I’m wrapped up in my own thoughts and just don’t think about it.

  7. Janet

    Awww…I love right-place-right-time stories – especially when it’s definitely a God thing. I can’t imagine you anything BUT encouraging and joyful and can just imagine how you brightened that man’s day. Just like your expired flower brighten your garden. Thank you for this! Visiting from #TellHisStory.

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