What’s on your nightstand? June ‘13

Just started

Occupy-SpiritualityOccupy Spirituality
A Radical Vision for a New Generation
by Adam Bucko

[My review here] Hmm…I’m not sure about this one yet. It’s about “sacred activism” and has some very intriguing parts that challenge me but also some sections when I ask, “Why is this in here?” Overall, it’s more thumbs-up than thumbs-down, but I’m not finished yet. 

messy-spiritualityMessy Spirituality
by Mike Yoconelli

(No relation to Occupy Spirituality above.) So far it’s spot-on about the importance of being an authentic Christian with imperfections versus one who acts as if she has it all together. I’m borrowing this small book from Jenna.

Still reading

Dancing-Priest-Glynn-Young_thumb1Dancing Priest
by Glynn Young

This novel by a fellow-blogger I admire has just taken a dramatic turn (I’m about halfway finished). An enjoyable read about a young priest in Europe and his encounters with faith, friends, and a young American woman.

understanding-jesus-a-guide-to-his-l[2]Understanding Jesus
A Guide to His Life and Times

by Stephen M. Miller

Still slowly working my way through this book about the culture that Jesus stepped into. The latest chapters have been about Jesus’ most famous sermon, fasting, and the Sabbath.

Finished from May’s nightstand

The_Fault_in_Our_Stars_thumbThe Fault in Our Stars
by John Green

I cried. But that’s okay. I laughed an equal amount (if not more). It’s a story well-told of the lives of some teenage cancer patients. I enjoyed Green’s writing style as well as the realism he employed in this supposed work of fiction. 

the-icarus-deception_thumbThe Icarus Deception
How High Will You Fly?

by Seth Godin

Care about what you do. Treat your work as art. I love how Seth Godin packs so much in so few words. “Don’t worry about your stuff. Worry about making meaning instead.” – Godin

the-mercy-prayerThe Mercy Prayer
The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers

by Robert Gelinas

My review here. A rich walk through scripture to see how people asked God for mercy, and how he gave it, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament through Jesus. Then how we should be asking for it as well.

“We actually desire God’s mercy more the closer we get to him, not only because we see our shortcomings in light of his perfection, but also because knowing God is knowing that he is merciful.” – Gelinas

the-gospel-according-to-peanuts_thumThe Gospel According to Peanuts
by Robert L. Short

Almost 50 years old, this book is still a treasure. Well-written and nicely illustrated with Peanuts cartoons, it pierces to the spiritual meanings underneath the comic strip.

“This is why all real art, though at first it may seem to be a most welcome escape from reality, will inevitably lead one into a face to face encounter with reality—but always with reality in a different light from which it was first seen.” – Short

rumors-of-another-world_thumbRumors of Another World
What on Earth Are We Missing?

by Philip Yancey

Another winner from Yancey. He reminds us to appreciate being here, but to continue longing for there. 

“Live for God in the here and now. Live also in the future, storing up for yourselves eternal treasure—which you do by living in the here and now.” – Yancey

writing-to-change-the-world_thumbWriting to Change the World
by Mary Pipher

A sweet book. A nice blend of writing tips and ideology about why we write.

“Writers foster the growth of readers’ souls, and the best soil for growth is love. Writing can be love made visible. In the end, one of our best ways to truly change readers is to love them.” – Pipher

A-whole-new-mindA Whole New Mind
Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future
by Daniel H. Pink

An excellent book! It explains the 6 aptitudes needed in this new millennium to successfully navigate the world. They are: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning. And as the title suggests, they involve tapping into the right side of the brain as well as the left.

* * *

What book(s) are you reading this month?


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13 thoughts on “What’s on your nightstand? June ‘13

  1. Amy @ Hope Is the Word

    I read Fault in Our Stars this month, too! The Peanuts book looks fun. I’d also like to read so,etching by Godin.

  2. Barbara H.

    You always have such challenging lists. The Peanuts one looks intriguing – I like that quote. Some of the things that are the most funny and poignant at the same time are like that – I felt that way about the Cosby show, too. He could make the most everyday things so funny, yet make us see them differently.

  3. christina

    You’re not the first person to recommend The Fault in Our Stars. Maybe I’ll sample it from the library soon.

    I’m reading the Metaxas Bonhoeffer biography that came out a few years back, the funny and touching new release A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, Psalms and Acts, and the audiobook of Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose. I have two other items out from the library, but it’s not honest to mention them since one has sat neglected for 2 weeks and the other hasn’t been opened yet. So many books, so little time,…

  4. Dawn

    Jennifer, my awesome 5M4B editor, has been pushing me to read John Green for a while now, and I believe it was STARS that she suggested I start with. I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up yet, but I think it’s time to remedy that this summer! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up–
    -Dawn, 5M4B

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