We are not one in opinion


Excerpt from The Twisted Scriptures

We are not in the fellowship because we see everything alike, or because we like everything we see. We are together because God has called us all, and received us all when we responded to his call.

God did not call angels, but men! We are human before we are called and we are human after we are called. We are not changed into the perfect image at once, but “we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being changed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another, for this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Being human, there is only one type of unity possible for us, and that is unity in diversity. If we do not accept this form of unity there is no other for us.

Fellowship results from a mutual sonship; brotherhood from a common Fatherhood. We are not one because we have all attained to the same degree of spiritual growth, but because we are all in the same family.

We are not one in opinion, but one in Christ Jesus.

– W. Carl Ketcherside

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10 thoughts on “We are not one in opinion

  1. Dianna

    There is that phrase that I am loving every time I commit it to memory in Ephesians 1…”in him”. It is where everything rests, yes? In him, even though we don’t all agree in opinion , we have still been given all spiritual blessings in heavenly places! Thanks for sharing this reminder, Lisa!

  2. Jen Avellaneda

    Lisa – As you know, UNITY is something I am pretty darn passionate about! 🙂 So excellent the point you mentioned that, we can’t be UNITY is we choose to deny that we are different in the first place! It is this beautiful tapestry of diversity that makes UNITY beautiful in the first place! Love this Lisa! Thanks!

    1. Lisa notes...

      And unity is definitely something worth being passionate about. It’s one of the things Christ died to set in motion for us. I’m thankful we’re both finding that unity is alive and well and freeing and beautiful!

  3. Rick

    True diversity – not the artificially, man-made and dictated stuff – is part of His abundant creativity. We have unity of purpose – His. We have His stamp and seal on our hearts, and we all grow at different rates towards that which He purposed for us. Love this, Lisa!

    I also love that the book is titled the same as my favorite 80’s Christian band -Twisted Scriptures 🙂

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