Unlocking Verse: Exploring Poetry, Prayers, and Blessings with Your One Word
{One Word 2024 April Linkup}

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You don’t have to be an official poet or a priest to take this month’s suggestion to tap into your inner creativity and spirituality:

Find or create a poem, a prayer, or a blessing using your One Word.


For poetry, google poems online with your word. Or create your own. Play by the rules and compose a haiku or assemble an acrostic. Or go rogue by experimenting with blackout poetry or writing free verse.

Here is a link to 11 types of poetry with examples for you to consider. Choose one or two to play with.

I wrote a haiku exploring my word Curiosity:

The seed was “I know”
But it grew into “I think”
Bloomed to “I wonder…”

And then a limerick:

There once was a girl in a house
Who hoarded curiosity and doubts
But the rooms grew too full
So the doorknob she pulled
And the questions came tumbling out


You can adapt prayers recorded in the Bible or books special to you that relate to your word. Or choose to write a prayer from scratch. You also might try writing a blessing of thanksgiving or lovingkindness related to your One Word.

I wrote a 4-line prayer/blessing centered around what Curiosity is meaning to me this year:

May you be brave enough to ask.
May you be free enough to wander.
May you be empty enough to learn.
May you be full enough to overflow.

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15 thoughts on “Unlocking Verse: Exploring Poetry, Prayers, and Blessings with Your One Word
{One Word 2024 April Linkup}

  1. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Lisa, see, I told you are a poet, so there! Love these! I think I may have written one haiku in my life, and never really a blessing. Will try. And I’ve written a lot of haiku–some (I guess) good, some pitiful, some cathartic. Actually most all writing is cathartic.

    Will mull on these forms, and thanks for the earlier link outlining all manner of poetry!
    Love you

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thank you for your encouragement, Lynn. Were you a cheerleader in school? 🙂 You are poetic even with your prose. I appreciate the words you put into the world, in whatever form they are.

    2. Lynn D. Morrissey

      Tx for your kind words. Oops. Misspoke. I’d meant I think I’ve written but one limerick in my life (and I’m Irish)! Will have to remedy that.

  2. Gayl

    Lisa, thank you for these suggestions. I love your haiku, limerick, and your prayer/blessing! I wrote an acrostic, but I still want to write a haiku and a limerick. We’ll see what happens. LOL Thank you for all you do to encourage us with our #oneword. Blessings to you! xo

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I know I’m not the most creative in our group, but I try. lol. I’d definitely rank you among the top for that! I appreciate you linking up and keeping us posted on your word, Gayl.

  3. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Ok, Miss Lisa, so you threw down the gauntlet, and I picked up my pen. Pretty sure I may have shared to alpha poem (acrostic) already, but in case not, here ’tis. Now I have to conjure a blessing. Actually if I would obey the Lord more, I’d be choosing to be blessed! oh, and were I printing this, then the first letters in caps would be in bold, too. Your blog doesn’t show that. 🙂 Tx for the challenge. Fun trying to meet it!


    by Lynn D. Morrissey

    Choose to choose: Choose
    Health & flourishing over languishing,
    Optimism over pessimism,
    Obedience over rebellion,
    Sacrifice over self-indulgence,
    Edifying over debasing.

    Choose: Haiku Suite
    by Lynn D. Morrissey

    Watch the world go by
    Passivity is a choice
    You must choose to choose

    You must choose to choose:
    Sour-sweet, dark-light, sin-obey.
    She ate of the fruit.

    She ate of the fruit.
    He did, too, so Adam fell.
    Jesus chose to come!

    Jesus chose to come—
    Chose me before I was born
    I choose to obey.

    I choose to obey.
    Part of Adam’s race, I fall.
    Jesus picks me up.

    Jesus picks me up.
    I choose *again* to repent!
    Jesus breaks my fall.

    Limerick on Choice
    by Lynn D. Morrissey

    There once was a girl with a voice
    who had trouble sounding a choice.
    So she hemmed and she hawed,
    indecision gnawed so much
    she chose, then she rejoiced!

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