This. Here. Now. {Mantra 28}

I’ve saved this mantra for last. It’s the one that’s helped me the most in reducing anxiety.

When I feel anxious, I jump too far ahead of God. I worry about many things that might happen (and they’re usually all negative).

Instead, to counter the future orientation, I try to come back to this moment, where God is most present.

I benefit by repeating this to myself:

This. Here. Now.

This—This is the what.

Most of our moments are NOT tumultuous ones. And when they are, those events keep our attention focused in the moment; we don’t have to be concerned with those. But the moments that do tempt our minds to wander into worry are the ordinary moments. Come back from the future (or the past) and stay anchored in THIS moment instead.

Here—Here is the where.

We also are prone to imagine how wonderful we’d feel if we could be at the beach right now. Or how terrified we might feel next week in the dentist’s chair. But even if we’re in a bad location here in this moment, we’re more apt to stay clear-headed if we’ll stay present to it.

Now—Now is the when.

This is the crux of the mantra for me. Now is when I can talk to the person beside me. Now is when I can concentrate on this step I’m on. Now is when I can feel the emotion I’m feeling and process through it. 

Jesus—Jesus is the who.

And if you’re a Christian believer like me, I start this mantra with “Jesus. This. Here. Now.” Jesus is the foundation underneath it all for me. 

Our minds can be both exciting and sometimes terrifying places when they wander here and there and everywhere. It can be healthy to exercise our imagination.

But it’s also important to stay grounded where God is present with us in:

This. Here. Now.

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10 thoughts on “This. Here. Now. {Mantra 28}

  1. Anita Ojeda

    I’m learning to enjoy the now–but it hasn’t been easy. I’m a planner and I like to know each step along the way. But understanding that God’s plan might bring unexpected events, and this his plan is far better than mine, has helped me learn to enjoy the now.

  2. Joanne Viola

    Lisa, I used to often say, “I wasn’t meant to live in this time or in this place, etc.” Then one day I read Acts 17:26 and felt the Lord ever so gently correct me. He has placed us to live right where we are (here), to fulfill His purpose for us (what), in the time we are living (when) and with His help (who). I love this one and am grateful you shared it!

  3. Lois Flowers

    I love this, Lisa. I think I actually went though these steps yesterday when there was a shooting at one of the high schools in our city. It wasn’t my daughter’s school, thankfully, but it still hit pretty close to home of course. I was sad for the situation, but I decided not to let my mind wander down the trail of “what if it had been Molly’s school?” I hope it’s never her school, but it wasn’t yesterday and I am very thankful for that. Wonderful post and series!

  4. Karen Friday

    Love this, Lisa. What a great mantra. This is powerful, “Instead, to counter the future orientation, I try to come back to this moment, where God is most present.” Love thinking about the now moment is where God is most present.

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