“The Precipice”–Book review

“He laughed sarcastically. ‘Who’d have ever thought going to church would be illegal?’”
– TC Avey, The Precipice

This small book is different. It’s three fiction stories of things that could happen.

  • The Innocent and Simple
  • The Price of Truth
  • What would YOU Do?

But the conclusions of each are fairly open-ended, leaving us to ponder how we might react if they did happen.

THE PRECIPICE - Book review {lisanotes.com}

I appreciate this approach by author and blogger TC Avey in her book, The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends. She doesn’t preach to us on what we should or should not do, but rather sends this strong message: Pay attention.

After each story is a section of Reality Check—factual information with links to current events of things that have already happened. Some took me by surprise, I admit.

Here’s one sample Reality Check among eleven at the end of the first story, The Innocent and Simple:

“One company, Anti-NIS Accessories, appears to believe government mind reading is closer to reality than we’d care to admit. They have designed ‘mind protecting’ headwear (collar, hat, and mask) to help prevent anyone from having access to private thoughts.”
[links here and here]

Each story also has a set of related Discussion Questions, asking us to think through the proposed scenario and overlay it onto our own lives.

For example:

  • # 7. Do you think being politically involved is a way to love others as Christ commands? Why or why not?
  • #8. What would you have to sacrifice to be politically involved?
  • # 9. Some people say it would be good if Christians in America were persecuted because it could shake them out of their lethargic faith. Do you agree? Why or why not?

But it’s not an alarmist book to scare us; it’s rather one to encourage us to be aware of what’s going on around us—and when we should do something about it, to do it.

“That one day certain thoughts would be a crime? It seemed as ludicrous then as it did now.”

“Jenny bowed her head as David began praying. It seemed too simple…but simple was what this world needed.”

* * *

If you buy the book on Amazon between now and April 14, email a copy of your receipt by April 14 to TC Avey [TNC dot Avey at gmail dot com] to receive 2 free books as a thank you.

My thanks to TC Avey for the review copy of this book.

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  1. tcavey

    It’s humbling to see a review of my book here, Lisa. You do such an amazing job describing books. Thanks so much for sharing. I really appreciate your prayers and support.

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