Take a calculated risk

Today’s excerpt is about losing some of our risk-aversion and instead stepping out of our comfort zones so we can learn and grow.

I know I keep saying this during this month of #31 Days of Books (and I mean it each time!), but this book is one I really, really like and highly recommend you read. My book review is here.

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Excerpt from The Faith of LeapThe-Faith-of-Leap-by-Frost-and-Hirsch

Becoming an adventurous, liminal church means getting over risk aversion.

Often the difference between a successful person (or organization) and a failure lies not in having better abilities or ideas, but in having the courage to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk—and to act.

Risk-ability is vital to learning and innovation.

. . . For us it meant putting our interns “at risk.” If they are standing within their current realm of expertise, then they are only going to learn what they already know, or perhaps even confirm their ignorance.

So the learners take one step out of their comfort zone, closer to the edge of chaos, and then another half step so they are “at risk” of real failure.

If the liminal situation can be sustained, then real, lasting, paradigm-shifting learning will occur.

And hey, Jesus did this exceptionally well with his mob of half-baked disciples.

– Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

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  1. Dianna

    You do understand that I am going to have one tough time deciding which books from my Wish List I am going to purchase, don’t you? lol I have decided that I’m not getting any with my birthday money stash until the end of the month when I’ve seen all of your books for this 31 day challenge! 🙂 Love you, my friend!

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