Share Four Somethings—July 2022
—Grace & Truth Linkup

Near the end of each month, I share four somethings at Heather’s.

Plus my latest One Second Everyday monthly video . . . 

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Something Loved


We got to be with our grandson for a week for his first beach trip. He loved the sand, the water, the people. And we loved watching him take it all in for the first time of hopefully many more times together to come. 

Image: His first beach trip

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Something Gleaned 


As I wait, I sometimes feel like it’s lost time. I’m missing out.

But waiting doesn’t have to be loss. This month I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s book Waymaker (thanks to Lynn S’s suggestion!). Ann says this about waiting, which also fits perfectly with my year of Release:

Waiting is a letting go to let something grow. The waiting need not destroy the soul but grow the soul. . . . Nothing is lost in the waiting process because all waiting is a growth process. Waiting is gestating a greater grace.

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Something Saved


When I look at my Instagram account, I save posts that I want to either add to my story later or look at again for myself.

Image: Saved Instagram posts

These saved posts are piling up though. I need to eventually delete them all and start over again, maybe?

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Something Achieved


I read from my Kindle almost every single day. For years.

I’ve had my current Kindle for over nine years. It had been glitching the past two years but I kept overlooking it.

So I finally gave myself permission to buy a new Kindle this year on Prime Day. The newest generation Paperwhite does a few extra things and responds so quickly compared to my old one. It has 4x the memory as well.

I’m loving it.

Featured Post for Grace & Truth Linkup

“Good morning, God! It’s me! How are you doing today?”

This is how Carlie started off her morning talking to God.

Read Carlie’s blog post about God’s fresh mercy, God’s nearness, God’s intimate knowledge of us, plus more.

Aren’t you glad God is so personal?

Good morning, God! It’s me! How are you doing today?

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20 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—July 2022
—Grace & Truth Linkup

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I won’t say there was no trauma in the transition to my new Kindle, but it was minimal. 🙂 The tradeoff has been well worth it. I also bought a new cover and this one has a built-in stand; I’m really loving that feature.

  1. Lynn

    Looks like you had a full June! I am also reading Waymaker, and like Ann’s other books, it is a savouring read. Her books take me a longer time to read than most! I’ve also enjoyed her video series. Today I underlined “All the hard and inexplicable ways of the cosmos, the bruised relationships, the roadblocks to our dreams, all the bewildering ways of God, have this redeeming purpose of attaching us, like marriage, like adoption, to the enfolding heart of God.” May you feel yourself attaching more to God during your waiting!

  2. Donna

    Lisa, what a lovely month! That photo of you and your family is simply gorgeous! What a treasure for the memory files!
    Thank you also for the kindle mention. I’ve had my Kindle for 9 years as well, but haven’t been thrilled with some of the newer ones I’ve seen. Maybe I will look into it now on your recommendation!

  3. Barbara Harper

    How fun to go on the first beach trip with your grandson! It looked on your video like you attended a funeral and wedding in the same month. Interesting how life is like that–new beginning and endings revolving.

    I use the Kindle app on my iPad mini, but it is on its last legs. I’ll need to decide whether to get another one or switch to a Kindle. Thanks for the heads up on the Paperwhite. Wish I had thought about that on Prime Day! Maybe I’ll make it til the next one–though as slow as mine runs and as often as it gets stuck, I don’t think so.

  4. Lois Flowers

    Aw, Lisa … your family picture is beautiful. ❤️ I am reading “Waymaker” too; in fact, I just read the quote you shared today. I need to write my Four Somethings this weekend … thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Carlie

    I enjoyed reading your Four Somethings, Lisa, will have to add ‘Waymaker’ to my ‘to-be-read’ list, for sure. 🙂 Thanks also for featuring my post – ‘Good Morning, God! It’s me! How are you doing today?’ I hope others are as encouraged as I was by God’s reminder of His nearness to us.

  6. Lesley

    I’m glad your grandson enjoyed his beach trip, and that you did too! And well done on switching your Kindle. It makes me realise that I must have had mine for nine or ten years too, but it’s still working at the moment!

  7. Barb Hegreberg

    I have stopped by twice without leaving a comment – shame on me!

    I LOVED the Ann Voscamp book!!

    I understand about having to get a new Kindle. My husband & I replaced ours last fall!!

    Grace & Truth ✅
    Four Somethings ✅

  8. Lisa Blair

    What a wonderful time at the beach! Rejoicing with you that you were able to witness your grandson’s firsts with the ocean and the sand. Seeing waiting as growth instead of loss changes waiting from a negative to a positive. Maybe re-type the saved Instagram’s sayings into folders on your computer: to encourage myself, future post ideas, etc. Rejoicing with you about the ease of use on your new Kindle. Woohoo! Happy reading! (Visiting from SFS)

  9. Maryleigh

    Beautiful month – and what a special beach trip! Beach trips are so much more fun with grands! I’ve tried to kindle and just can’t. I miss the physical book! Learning how to live in the wait of a prayer sent out is a beautiful, liberating life-changing knowledge! I’ll have to check out Waymaker!

  10. Cindy Davis

    I recently got the new paperwhite but I was used to a Kindle Fire, so it is hard for me to use. I am still struggling with it! I take screenshots from Instagram and then eventually delete them when I need to clean off the pictures from my phone, I never really think about using the save feature on Instagram, LOL. Sweet memories with your grandson, I can remember taking my 2-month-old son to the beach with my in-laws, so many precious memories with his grandparents.

  11. Jean Wise

    love this monthly feature. You are inspiring me to get a n ew Kindle as mine is glitchy too lately. May wait until the next sale though. Thanks for the push and love the beach photo!!

  12. Pam Dow

    Hi Lisa, the trip looks like it was fun and yay for new technology! I love the thrill of setting up a new device. Thanks for doing the Romans 8 memorization verses. i enjoyed it. Blessings on your week.

  13. Jennifer

    I just love your family beach photo! (was it professionally done?) What a treat to enjoy that first beach trip!! But looks like you had a lot of special moments this month – at least in those one-second clips:) Wish I could say I achieved memorizing all the Romans verses from the challenge…but I could not keep up. Well, this old brain could not. But I will press on! Here’s to another beautiful month ahead!!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, we hired a professional photographer for the beach photos. Most of the family was able to come to celebrate my in-laws’ 60th wedding anniversary.

      I struggled with the Romans’ verses too, so you’re not alone there. 🙂 I’m still working on them. Hope you’ve had a beautiful month and a great August ahead!

  14. Heather Gerwing

    A new kindle is on my wishlist! You can create different folders for your saved posts on insta to make it more manageable to find things. Like one for quotes, recipes, or maybe just do monthly folders. Just an idea.

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