See How Many Years You Have Left
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How long do you think you’ll live? According to this life expectancy table, I have 24.6 years left, and my husband Jeff has 23.15 years.

I could easily be bothered by this news.

But I don’t believe it.

Our life span is predicated on so many variables. We can’t accurately predict the day we’ll die.

And more important than how long we will live is how we will live. If I really do have 24.6 years to live, I want to use these years wisely and kindly with people I can love and with people who love me.

How do you want to spend your remaining years?

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6 thoughts on “See How Many Years You Have Left
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  1. Lynn

    Slow down, simplify, and not worry so much is how I like to be (and striving to be)! I know those tables do not tell me exactly how long I have to live, but taking assessment of how much time is behind, and how much time I may have helps me to define my life values and make a shift if I must!

  2. Linda Stoll

    Lisa, these kind of questions have been filling my head and heart for some time. 68 comes next week. I find that unsettling. But the other day a friend said, ‘we’re that much closer to heaven.’

    And that put it all in perspective.

  3. Nancy Ruegg

    In 2015 I read this on Jean Wise’s blog, copied it on a 3 x 5, and keep it with my prayer cards. I’ve found it to be a wonderful reminder of how I want to live my life: “Allow me, Lord, to bequeath a fragrant trail of love leading to You . . . Help me to do what You ask, and not miss a God-opportunity.” Isn’t that good?!

  4. Donna Reidland

    I understand that during earlier times in history, some theologians would keep a human skull on their desks along with their books and study tools. They didn’t do so to be morbid but to remind themselves that life on this earth is relatively short in comparison to eternity. Mike and I do think about all that, as well. Naturally speaking, we have quite a bit of longevity in our families but we know that our days were numbered from eternity past. So however many years God gives us, we want to spend them serving Him. And our prayer is that we would finish well.

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