Rediscover the Power of Your One Word
{One Word 2024 June Linkup}

You’ve made it to June! Congratulations, you’re halfway through the year with your One Word. Now is a great time to re-motivate yourself by remembering WHY you chose this word in the first place.

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Revisit Your Initial Thoughts

Back in January, you chose a word that resonated with your goals for the year, one that could guide you and keep you focused. But as time rolls on, it’s easy to lose sight of that initial spark. That’s why it’s helpful to pause and reflect on your journey so far.

If you filled out our One Word worksheet, wrote a blog post, or talked to someone about your word in January, now is the time to reread those words or rehash that conversation. Let your initial impressions and clarity excite you again.

Ask yourself the following questions to gain deeper insights into your intentions and progress:

1. Why did I choose this word in January? What was happening in my life that led me to this word?

One reason I chose CURIOSITY in January is because I’ve experienced changes in several critical relationships over the past couple of years. CURIOSITY was a tool I wanted to use to wonder more, ask better questions, and create deeper connections.

I’m sad as I look back at my first post this year—Do You Want to See Better? Try Curiosity. I didn’t imagine in January that by mid-year, my friend V would no longer be here. I naively thought her vision problems would be a simple fix, instead of signs of a much more extensive problem.

Are my vision problems more extensive than I realize, too? Is this another lesson for me? I see the need to remain curious.

2. Is my word serving its purpose? If not, how can I revamp it to align with my goals for the second half of 2024?

Yes, CURIOSITY is serving its purpose by making me more aware of being aware.

Looking back over my original goals, I realize I haven’t been as intentional about doing some of the things I’d planned (like being curious about new foods!) yet many have happened naturally nonetheless (this month I enjoyed Cuban food for the first time). I will definitely stick with CURIOSITY for the second half of 2024.

An Exercise to Rekindle Your Connection

If you’re unsure about your word now, here’s a quick exercise to try. Dig up your word’s roots to make a deeper connection with your current situation.

Look up your word’s etymology in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary or the Online Etymology Dictionary. What is its origin? Has its meaning or use changed over time?

I smiled when I read that in the late 14th century CURIOSITY meant “careful attention to detail” (a definition now obsolete) because I often pay too much attention to details (please load the dishwasher this exact way). But in other ways, it’s handy to be a detail-oriented person—I usually keep track of the day and time my appointments are, for example.

In Middle English curiosity often had a negative connotation, like “prying; idle or vain interest in worldly affairs.” But now, curiosity typically means “having a strong desire to learn or know something,” which is how I am viewing it this year.

Embrace this mid-year check-in to rediscover the strength of your One Word and adjust your path if necessary so your word can continue to inspire you through the rest of 2024.

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7 thoughts on “Rediscover the Power of Your One Word
{One Word 2024 June Linkup}

  1. Marsha

    Hi Lisa, Thanks for hosting this link party. My word is going great. I did have to change the way I approached my posts for the year. I had planned them ahead of time for a year. That quit working for me when we had a lot of issues come up in our personal lives and I didn’t have time to research the topics. However, the core categories have held true, and I let them lead as I write a new post each week. My followers have enjoyed the change as well, letting their own weeks inspire their writing, or using the topics I had suggested to start. One writer used a topic I had suggested weeks before and she published and linked. Since my topics were no longer theme-related, but related to the word “nspire” directly, her post worked at a much later date. YAY!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m always encouraged to hear stories of words going well! I’m glad you’re having a good year with yours, Marsha. I made a good plan for practicing my word back in January, but when I looked at that plan this month, there were a few things I’d totally forgotten about. 🙂 But it’s still worked out fine. Sometimes we just have to be flexible, especially when other things come up, like you mentioned. So glad you linked up with us today!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thank you, Linda. It helps me when I hear others who still plodding along too with their words, so the linkups have been encouraging to me for my own journey as well!

  2. Michele Morin

    I tend to be an independent cuss, but I have come to learn the gift and blessing of community, especially in maintaining my awareness of something important. Thanks for fostering community here as we live with our words in our mundane faitihfulness.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      We’re cut from the same cloth, Michele. I lean toward independence too so I have to be remind myself of all the benefits of community to get me out of the house. 🙂 I’m grateful too for our One Word community; you all enrich my journey with my word by reading about your journeys.

  3. Cecelia Lester

    I woke up in the middle of the night recently. I put on my glasses to see the digital clock across the room. I saw only a blur out of one of my eyes. This month is a busy month. Each week, I had something going on. Transportation to and from church would be a problem for me. Church rummage sale donations, VBS preparations, weekly Bible Study. Suddenly, I heard the word “TRUST” in my ears and my mind.

    I went back to sleep. When I woke up, I could see perfectly, as perfectly with my glasses. I have not had any problem with my vision like that since.

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