Give a compliment to glorify God

We cheat God of glory he’s due when we’re stingy with our compliments to others.

Practicing Affirmation is an excellent book explaining why AND how to affirm others to the glory of God.

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Excerpt from Practicing Affirmation

Good affirmations are God-centered, pointing to the image of God in a person.

The only commendable attributes in people were given to them. Everything is from God, through God, and to God so that in all things—including the commendable qualities in people—he might get the glory (Romans 11:35-36).

I remember being dismayed at the well-intended remarks of a seminary official at a large convocation who was about to thank a number of persons for their efforts. His intention and spirit were good.

But he prefaced his thank-yous by saying, “The apostle Paul was always thanking people.”

Well, no, the apostle Paul wasn’t. You will not find Paul doing such a thing in the Scriptures. He didn’t thank people for things; he thanked God for people.

Paul’s practice is, “I thank God for you.”

Yes, the person is refreshed by the expression of gratitude, but God gets the glory.

We are wise to give God-centered thank-yous and God-centered affirmations.

We’ve all heard of robbing Peter to pay Paul. We’ve also heard of robbing God by not paying tithes. I am suggesting that we rob God of praise by not pointing out his reflection in the people he has knit together in his image.
– Sam Crabtree

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6 thoughts on “Give a compliment to glorify God

  1. Barbara H.

    I like that way of thinking about compliments – “I thank God for you and the way He showed His love to me though what you did.” I’ve received compliments once or twice that made me squirm because I well knew that whatever I was being praised for, I wasn’t worthy of it: it was done only through God’s grace. But it’s hard to know how to answer such a compliment without feeling like you’re putting down or not appreciating the other person’s efforts. This would be much better for both sides and put the emphasis where it belongs.

    And thanks for the reminder, too, to glorify God (and encourage His people) this way. I don’t do it as often as I should.

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