One Word 2021 Linkup—April
+ 3 Ways to Engage with Your One Word

This is our April linkup for your One Word 2021!

Leave us a comment about your struggles and successes with your word this month.

Then add links to your blog posts about your one word, images, quotes, etc.

Congratulations to Linda from March’s linkup! She was randomly chosen to win a beautiful wooden tray made by Randy Flowers with her one word, Serendipity.

Stay tuned for another giveaway coming soon.


3 Ways to Engage with Your One Word in April

Here are some ideas for engaging with your word this month.


Talk to somebody about your word. Ask what they think about it. Ask how it works in their life. Tell them your own thoughts.

Getting outside of your own head and into someone else’s can be a great way to discover new ways to engage with your word.


Have you looked up the dictionary definition for your word? Sure, you already know what it means. But research its etymology. See how else it is used. Learn extra new meanings and uses.

Looking deeper at your word can help you see it in a yet undiscovered light.


Regardless of your artistic abilities, find a way to be creative with your word in the next few weeks. Print it out and color it. Paint it on a rock. Write an acrostic using each letter.

Then share it with us! We’d love to see it. Post it in our Facebook group or add a picture in the linkup (no link required).

This linkup will remain open from April 21 – April 30.

The next One Word linkup will be May 21.

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13 thoughts on “One Word 2021 Linkup—April
+ 3 Ways to Engage with Your One Word

  1. Michele Morin

    Words are so important to me, and so I string them together in my head, in paper, and eventually some of them find their way to a screen. I love that we have a place to gather and share, and this is becoming an important check point for me as I PERSEVERE.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I love how you string words together, Michele. You truly have an extraordinary gift with words; I’m glad you are prolific in your sharing of them with us. I always learn much from you.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Randy was so kind to make a tray for me as well with my word! Such a beautiful surprise. I treasure the gifts God provides us in the blogosphere, including the gift of you, Linda.

  2. Donna

    Lisa, great suggestions this month! I have had conversations about my word, and am surprised how few people want to talk about joy! More than that, few really understand it, at least from a Biblical perspective! I would LOVE to get creative, now all I have to do is find the time!! I do like to paint, and I have made several verse plaques for my home, so I may attempt to do something inspirational with my word in the coming days. BUT I learned so much this month, the Lord is gracious in helping me understand more about joy, I am grateful for His patience with me!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      How interesting that few want to talk about joy! You’d think we’d be eager since it’s such a good thing. I’ve enjoyed reading more about joy on your blog. You are a gracious teacher. I’ve had conversations with a few about “Uncertainty”. Most of us are uncomfortable with not knowing things (no surprise there!).

      I hope you do find time to paint or do something creative with your word this month. And do show us when you do! I am going to attempt an acrostic with my word (even though there are so many letters in Uncertainty, lol).

  3. Barb Hegreberg

    God continues to bring my word (ABIDE) to me multiple times per day. But due to some issues in our family & at work I do not have the peace or the joy that abiding with Jesus usually brings me.

    I covet your prayers 🙏♥️

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’ve been praying for you this past week, Barb. Even though you haven’t felt the peace and joy you normally do, I’m sure the foundation you’ve been laying with Abide is unshakable at the core. Sometimes the situations of life are shaky on the surface, but God is underneath us with his steady arms.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, I am always encouraged to hear how it’s going with everyone with their words. It helps me keep moving forward. How’s it going with your word Obedience, Aritha? That can be a toughie! 😉

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