The Needs of 3 Women


“I just need a sleeping bag.”

That’s what she told me last night. And maybe a cushion of some sort, any kind will do.

I grabbed a sleeping bag from the clothing room and threw a throw pillow into a bag.

     But she needed more.

Her eyes gave it away.

I scooched beside her on the steps and asked permission to pray a blessing over her because she looked like she needed one.

She cried a little more, “Yes. Please.”

I thanked God for our warmer December weather because how cold it must get sleeping in a tent outdoors. I asked him to send provisions to this woman, fresh out of jail, with a broken foot and a more broken life. I praised him for loving her to Manna House tonight so we could love on her a little, too.

Then her man friend walked up, kissed her on the lips, and gathered her stuff. She picked up her cane and followed him out the door to walk back to their camp under the bridge.

I’ll probably never see her again. But the Lord will see.

He knows her needs. And it’s more than a sleeping bag and a cushion.

     And he will provide.

She looked tough on the outside. Dreads. Piercings here and there. A bit of attitude on her face.

But her voice cracked when I asked her what she needed, “Just whatever you have,” she said. “Some tissue, maybe some shampoo . . . ”

She was grateful for the toiletries I handed her, gathered from the donations in the back of Manna House.

     But she needed more.

The hesitation in her voice gave it away when I asked, “So, how are you tonight?”

We hugged and I told her I’m sorry and asked is there something we could pray about?  She said she needed blessings so she could give blessings back out. So with closed eyes and spoken words we sought God’s favor on her life.

She cried a little more and said she needed that. That she needed more strength. Courage. And patience. And I added in “Hope.” We all need hope.

Then she left.

I’ll probably never see her again. But the Lord will see.

He knows her needs. And it’s more than a roll of toilet paper and a bar of soap.

    And he will provide.

She arrived frustrated, tired, whiny. He asked her what she needed, although she didn’t hear his voice to answer. If so, she probably would have just said, “I need my Christmas shopping done and appointments scheduled quicker and less demands on my time.”

     But she needed more.

He poured out his riches on her last night at Manna House. He gave her a homeless woman’s hand to hold in prayer on a staircase. And a broken woman’s shoulder to embrace as they asked him for a better day tomorrow.

She got in her car to go home and cried a little more. “Thank you, Lord!”

He knows my needs. And it’s more than a completed shopping list and a good night’s sleep.

     And he will provide.

For Woman # 1.
And Woman # 2.
And for this Woman # 3.

* * *

What do you need?

Give yourself permission to ask the Lord to meet that need and any deeper need underneath it.

He is Jehovah-Jireh, “the LORD will provide.”

19 thoughts on “The Needs of 3 Women

  1. Mary

    It makes me tear up when I think about how much I have. How many blessings I receive each and every day and then there are people without food, shelter, clothing, etc. I love that you do this work Lisa. Truly I do and I prayed for all 3 of these women today…

  2. Dawn St Amand Paoletta

    Just beautiful and tender , Lisa. What a gift- He provides and pours out through us- You- and reminds others of His faithfulness and ability…despite the circumstance. Yes, AMen. He does provide. The Name Above All Names. THanks you- so glad that Bonnie is back. STill have to write my post but glad to visit and see how you shared on the prompt!

  3. Beverley

    I know what it feels like to need blessings so I can give some out, it’s a hard place to be but thanks to God and his angels I am no longer there in that place that has no words to describe it – no not one!

  4. bluecottonmemory

    I am so glad He knows. I am learning that – that He knows what the real need is – He has the plan. With raising these boys – I am learning “He knows.” I am learning, too – the how important it is for all of us to give – like woman 2 who has that need to give to others – no matter how dire our circumstances, our spirits cry out to give to others. Poignant and beautiful, Lisa.

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