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More or Less

I’m not hoarding. I promise.

But yesterday I bought more Tylenol. More chicken. More bread.

But more isn’t always what I need.

As Joanne points out in our featured post this week, we need less of these things:

  • Less anxiety
  • Less hoarding
  • Less news

And more of these things:

  • More peace
  • More generosity
  • More Truth

Ultimately, Joanne reminds us that “We need less doubt and more confidence—confidence in the One.

Our Featured Post

I encourage you to read Joanne’s entire post, “Less.” It’s short, but it’s rich.

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What do you need more of? Less of? Please share your thoughts and concerns in the comments

6 thoughts on “Do You Need More? Or Less? Grace & Truth Link-Up

  1. Pam Ecrement

    We will one day look back on this period of time and discover how much we have learned about ourselves, others, but most especially the presence of the Lord in the midst of “less.”

    Our trip to the grocery store at 7:30AM yesterday was our only adventure out in a week and it was a new experience to discover the changes in just a week. We were shocked to find toilet paper and paper towels and shocked to discover no chicken and certainly no Tylenol. We had not planned on buying more than usual, but saw what happens to our supply chain of so many things we take for granted when a pandemic sweeps across the country and we have no way of knowing when it will end.

    Thanks, Lisa!

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