Join #31Days in October

It’s almost time! Are you ready?


For the fifth year, The Nester is inviting you to write on any topic of your choice for 31 days in October.

My topic this year?
Favorite books on faith!

Each day I’ll post a paragraph or two from one of my favorites.

31 days. 31 books.

Short and simple. But hopefully meaningful.

Join me here beginning October 1.

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In 2012 I wrote on 31 Days of Grace.

What would you like to write about for 31 days?
More details here.

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9 thoughts on “Join #31Days in October

    1. Lisa notes...

      I would really love that, Linda. I haven’t done many in-real-life book clubs, but the few I’ve done were very good. Wish we could grab up all the book-lovers among our blogger friends and sit around a real table and have out loud conversations together.

  1. Mary

    Oh, Lisa…I am SOOO looking forward to this. Did you design your button? I have really been praying about joining 31 days, but cannot get a clear picture on what to write. I have to decide soon or not do it!

    1. Lisa notes...

      I hope you will do it too, Mary! I didn’t decide myself until yesterday.

      I’m telling myself I’m going to keep it quick and easy; yes, yes, I will! And it doesn’t really *have* to be every single day either. (I try to alleviate pressure before I begin, can you tell?)

      I did design my own button. I actually had done another one with a background picture, different fonts, etc., then decided to scrap it and do something much simpler instead, which I am more satisfied with anyway.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement, Tonia. We’ll see how it goes. 😉 I’ve already been blessed just by looking back through books I’ve highlighted the past several years so I pray it will be a blessing to somebody else as well.

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