It Is Safe to Hope for the Next Season
—Grace & Truth Linkup

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I take a quick glance at my flower beds. They’re dismal. The cold weather choked the life and beauty out of each blossom, each stem.

But after reading Donna’s post about the promise of new life, I am reminded anew that the appearance of death isn’t always what it seems.

Frost is here now, yes. Winter is indeed coming. 

But after a season of rest over the next few months, the hosta will again send up new shoots from the ground. The rose bush will break out in tiny pink buds. The azalea will turn from brown to explosive red.

The breath of God, of Love, will restore beauty.

It is safe for me to hope for what the next season will bring, even as I experience the chill in this one.

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New Life Amidst the Ruins

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9 thoughts on “It Is Safe to Hope for the Next Season
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Lynn

    His breath of life is always in our midst. Thanks for pointing to Donna’s post today that made me breathe in His presence even in the darkness of a wintery morning.

  2. BettieG

    Thank you dear Lisa for sharing about hope today. it truly is a gift to cling to that promise of hope for new life coming! And I loved Donna’s post last week too! Blessings and love to you today.

  3. Donna

    Thank you, Lisa or sharing my post here at Grace & Truth! I know I needed the reminder of God’s eternal Hope in some of my life situations that seem beyond repair.

  4. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, this is such a comforting statement: “It is safe for me to hope for what the next season will bring, even as I experience the chill in this one.” I’m so thankful God is in the business of renewal. Hugs, friend.

  5. Tea With Jennifer

    Yes, looking forward to the new season is such a powerful message Lisa!
    It’s Spring here on the east coast of Australia, so we are experiencing a glory of colour & new growth at the moment, such a delight. ?
    bless you, Jennifer

  6. Jerralea Winn Miller

    I loved this message, Lisa! We can hunker down in this season of rest knowing the lift the next season will bring.

    This made me think of the story of Lazarus which we are covering in my bible study class. Martha and Mary thought they’d have to wait for the end times for the resurrection of Lazarus but Jesus wanted resurrection NOW. You never know what the Lord has planned; but it is always for our good. (See Rom. 8:28)

  7. Jo Davis

    Oh yes, there is always hope! I love how you said it is “safe” to hope for the next season. That is so true! We often get caught up in a time that seems dismal and a reminder that God will bring us through it to new life is so good!

    Blessings, Jo

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