Are You Like an Iris? There’s Hope

God dropped many symbols of hope into our world. What can be more hopeful than when we begin seeing flowers poke holes through a cold winter, indicating spring is on its way?

It will be awhile before we see irises blooming, but when you see one later this spring, remember it is a flower of hope.

Iris is symbol of hope

The name “iris” comes from the Greek word for rainbow. In ancient Greece, the messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow was named Iris. She was said to be the link between heaven and earth, traveling along rainbows. The Greeks were said to have planted irises over the graves of women so the goddess Iris would guide the dead in their journey to heaven.

The irises in my flower bed are some of my hardiest perennials. They grow in poor soil. They continue to return year after year with minimal attention.

That gives me hope.

The iris’s characteristics of resilience, adaptability, and faithfulness are characteristics I want, too.

With those traits, we can always be hopeful.

Spring will be here soon.

* * *

This is day 23 of Practicing Hope.

3 thoughts on “Are You Like an Iris? There’s Hope

  1. Hulda

    Yes, I’d like these characteristics to be true in me too. You’ve inspired me to plant irises in my garden this year. We’ve had a good winter in many different ways, but thankful that spring is just around the corner.

  2. Molly Williams

    I’m ready for my irises to come to life in a few months here in NH. I love the flowers, but even their brownish foliage is lovely and stands out against the snow we have here. And yes, they’re so resilient and adaptable that they spread each year even after temperatures below 0. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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