I Had to Change My Morning Blessing
—Grace & Truth Linkup

The Morning Blessing

Most mornings I say it aloud.

I put my hands together, point in the direction of their homes, and say this blessing over my daughters, two of my favorite people in the world:

May you be seen.
May you be healed.
May you be loved.

Then I place my hand on my heart. And pray it over myself, too.

These are three things—to be seen, to be healed, to be loved—that everyone needs as they journey through life, both on easy roads and through hard turns.

But does this prayer work?

Image: I Had to Change My Morning Blessing

God Doesn’t Wait on Me

I can’t explain how God does or doesn’t work.

But I do believe God doesn’t wait on my request to send out love. I trust God is always busy loving, always actively working good in people, because that is who God is.

God’s very nature is love and goodness. With or without my request.

But I like to talk with God anyway about what’s on my heart, to let God know I want to be a companion in the work.

Yet lately the blessing I pray has felt incomplete.

It’s Our Business Too

Not as a failure on God’s part. God’s business is constantly seeing, healing, loving.

But this is supposed to be my business, too.

So I’ve expanded my morning blessing over my family and myself to include giving as well as receiving:

May you see.
May you be seen.

May you heal.
May you be healed.

May you love.
May you be loved.

Because often it’s in the doing that we’re most radically transformed.

In the seeing, the healing, and the loving of others, we feel most seen, healed, and loved.

In the giving we learn how to receive.

The One Who Needs It Most . . .

I know my girls are already doing these three things.
My girls don’t need my prayer.

And I know God is already doing these things.
God doesn’t need my prompting.

I am the one who needs to hear it most.
I am the one who needs to say it most.

It is my heart that God works on when I ask for clear alignment each morning for purity and wholeness.

Perhaps I’ll need to alter this morning blessing again as time goes on.

But for today, it feels just right.

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23 thoughts on “I Had to Change My Morning Blessing
—Grace & Truth Linkup

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      It does help me start each morning feeling connected to my loved ones (and myself) in a positive way. God is gracious to help me begin my days like this.

  1. Lisa Blair

    What wonderful blessings to pray each day! And God hears every prayer, catches every tear (even keeping them in a bottle – Ps. 56:8), and remembers everything we do for Him or others (Heb. 6:10).

  2. Tammy Kennington

    What a beautiful blessing, Lisa. At times, I’ve prayed different verses from scripture as a blessing over my children. I love that God invites us to communicate with Him through prayer, listens to our hearts, and somehow uses our simple words.

  3. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, I thought the original version of your blessing was wonderful, but I love the new wording even more. I pray several things for my family and myself, but I’m going to write this one down and add it to the list. ❤️

  4. Lisa Jordan

    I love this so much, Lisa. I’m writing it down and praying over the ones I love.
    This really struck a chord with me: “It is my heart that God works on when I ask for clear alignment each morning for purity and wholeness.”

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