Hold space open for God

A story told by Brian McLaren in Naked Spirituality . . .

“I don’t know if this story about Mother Teresa is true or not, but it tells the truth whether or not it happened.

     Mother Teresa was asked by a reporter what she said to God when she prayed. She replied, ‘Mostly I just listen.’

     The reporter then asked what God said to her, ‘Mostly he just listens,‘ she replied.

     Could it be that the loving, attentive, mutual listening of the soul and the Spirit constitute the greatest expression of spirituality? . . . Holy listening holds space open between beloved and Beloved, the soul and God, and that space, like the silence in which all music happens, holds infinite possibilities.”

May we value silence.
May we treasure listening.
May we hold space open for God.


* * *

10 thoughts on “Hold space open for God

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      You’ve hit on something big with this, Andrew – how often we must finish God’s sentences for him. . . . That’s something to slow down and think (and pray!) about.

  1. Jean Wise

    What a great story and reminder, Lisa. I have by my desk the Anthony de Mello quote:

    Look at God
    Looking at you,
    and smiling.

    quite a definition of prayer. I think Mother Theresa might approve.

  2. Ceil

    Hi Lisa! Listening in prayer is so important, and it runs completely against our nature. I know I just want to blab out all my needs, like he doesn’t know them already. I know you and I are working on our contemplative prayer, and we try to address this desire to talk all the time. It’s hard!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      It’s nice to know I’ve got a compatriot working through this listening stuff, Ceil. The past few weeks I’ve spent even more time in contemplative prayer. It both calms me and reminds me how much I need that muted time with the Lord (as much as my noisy brain will allow).

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