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You couldn’t read him lightly or quickly. His words took time to sink in. But, oh, they were worth it.

Even if you haven’t read Dallas Willard’s books yourself, you’ve likely been influenced by them through someone else who has.

His books have been some of my favorites: The Divine Conspiracy, Renovation of the Heart, The Spirit of the Disciplines, The Great Omission.

Willard sent a clear and consistent message in all his writings:

  • Our kingdom life has begun now.
  • Be an active disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Deep soul transformation is possible, if pursued, because Christ is with us.

He died Wednesday after a battle with cancer. His last words are reported to have been, “Thank you.”


A few favorite words I’ve recorded from Dallas Willard:

~ The greatest need you and I have—the greatest need of collective humanity—is renovation of our heart.

~ But this eternal kind of life is not a passive life. Passivity was for the Israelites, and it is for us one of the greatest dangers and difficulties of our spiritual existence.

~ “Knowledge” in biblical language never refers to what we today call “head knowledge,” but always to experiential involvement with what is known—to actual engagement with it.

~ The way to get as many people into heaven as you can is to get heaven into as many people as you can.

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Do you have a favorite book by Dallas Willard?

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