A Pharisee? Me?

Arrogance is the ultimate blind spot.

. . . I’ve noticed something strange about this sin that God hates most. It’s usually found among people who think they love God most.

Spiritual arrogance is not a back-of-the-line sin; it’s a front-of-the-line sin.
LARRY OSBORNE, Accidental Pharisees


No one wants to be called a Pharisee. It’s a label for holier-than-thou’s, for hypocrites, for legalists. (But do be aware of its fuller meaning.)

So while we don’t intentionally set out to be a Pharisee, how can we avoid becoming one?

Here are 6 pitfalls found in Larry Osborne’s book Accidental Pharisees. Look for what applies to YOU (not someone else you know).

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Is it easier for you to see traits of Pharisees in yourself or in others?


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