Growing Little Miracles
—Book Review of "Gracie's Garden"

“People can make pizza. Only God can make seeds,” she said. “He grows a little miracle inside each one for us to see!”

My granddaughter loved her pumpkin seed packets. She’d shake them, listen to them rattle, and talk about growing a blue pumpkin.

Gracie's Garden book review

The soil has now been tilled and the packets emptied out. The seeds are planted, and the waiting has begun.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading her this new children’s book by Lara Casey, Gracie’s Garden. It is a beautiful story about three children who plant tomato seeds.

“You can’t see it yet, but little by little, it’s happening,” said Gracie. “Just wait. We have to be patient. It means to wait and see.”

Just as my granddaughter is having to wait to see the pumpkin crop in her garden, we each too have to wait to see the little miracles inside each day, each situation, each person, to grow into fruit.

The waiting is often the hardest part. But waiting time doesn’t have to be down time. The story goes on to explain all the fun things the children can do as they wait.

I look forward to fall when the pumpkins mature and show their true colors.

And I look forward to seeing my granddaughter grow too, little by little, into all the good things God has for her.

May we each learn to wait and watch and marvel as we also see things grow little by little by little into all they’re meant to be.

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—Book Review of "Gracie's Garden"

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