Get in the house


I’d never seen lightning like this. A few Wednesday nights ago, it was more than a thunderstorm. I’d call it a lightning storm.

But I wasn’t scared.

Because I was in the house.

When storms threaten, you need a place to go. A place where you belong. I was in mine. I could see the flashes of lightning through the blinds, but I was protected in my bedroom, husband by my side.

When storm clouds gather in other ways, I know to get inside, too. Where it’s safe. Where I’m protected.

It may be lunch with my sisters, physical and spiritual. It may be a Facebook message thread with encouragements to stay strong. It may be a group of three in my living room gathered to pray it out until the storm has passed.

We all need love to stay strong. And while we all have God’s love, we need each other’s love, too. Because that’s where we’re safest, when we’re totally surrounded by love.

The winds blow and the rains pelt, but nobody can blow this house down.

Come inside. Until it’s safe to go back out.

* * *

Where do you feel you most belong? Where is your safe place?

16 thoughts on “Get in the house

  1. Wanda

    Reading your words made me think of old pastor of mine, who always said stay in the house. Encouraging house to stay under God’s protection no matter what storms of life may be brewing.

  2. Mia

    Dear Lisa
    Yes, living in our Lord Jesus is the only place where we will always be safe and protected against the storms of life!
    Blessings XX

  3. Debby Ray

    Hello Lisa,

    I am sort of new to blogging and am just now beginning linking onto others. This is the first I have visited yours. Thank you for your encouraging words of wisdom!


  4. Barbie

    Beautifully said. I don’t much like storms and would rather stay inside until they pass. So thankful that God is with me through every season of my life to reassure me that I am safe. Blessings!

  5. beverley

    I think when the storms strike i am often like a chicken with no head, still running around wondering where to run for cover, it often takes me a while but it really shouldn’t.

  6. Dawn @ Guiding Light

    What a wonderful post! And you are right about so many things you shared. I’ve never really thought about how safe I feel in my house…but it is true! And friends helping re-generate…yep! Have a blessed day!

  7. Caroline

    In reading these posts on “belong” for Five Minute Friday, I’ve been thinking a lot about families and how amazing it is that God created a family to belong within, isn’t it? (Always love reading your posts, Lisa.)

  8. Betty Draper

    Lisa, belonging always makes us feel safe. I want to say I feel safe in the Master builders hands because I know nothing can touch me UNLESS it goes through His loving hands. Great picture of safe. Psalm 90 says He has been our dwelling place in all generations. Encouraging post.

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