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Jesus said, “Follow me.”

Not a book. Not a doctrine. Not a religion.

Yes, obey his words. He said that, too.

But what do the words tell us? To follow him. He is The Word.

Don’t confuse the focus. What happens when we do?

  • We tie ourselves down to rules he didn’t make.
  • We give away our freedoms.
  • We bind each other unnecessarily.

We wrongly hurt the people already in the kingdom. We make it harder for new people to desire or to be able to enter in. We roadblock the Spirit in paths he’s ready to work in us.

We sin. Because instead of aiming directly at loving God and loving others, we aim slightly off-target.

Does that mean we lose grace? No, because grace is not dependent upon us. But it does mean we distort the true message of the beauty of grace.

Grace is Jesus.

Follow Jesus. He’s the way.

Jesus spoke to them, saying,
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
John 8:12

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10 thoughts on “Follow me

  1. Dianna

    Yes! Follow Him…the Living Word! What liberation t here is in doing just that! I can still remember the exhilaration I felt when I put aside following mans rules and started focusing entirely on what Jesus said. Thanks for the reminder, my friend! Love you1

  2. Linda@Creekside

    Yes, yes, yes! Over time we’ve added too much baggage to the simplicity, the power, the grace of our Savior’s words. These words are ones we need to read, savor, live. Thank you, as always, my friend! I appreciate the wisdom you speak into my life …

  3. Debbie

    Following Jesus is the only way to go. I am reading a book right now called “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman. I’m halfway through and …loving it. Too many people are fans of Jesus but not followers. We have to deny self to follow Him.

    Blessings and love,

  4. floyd

    Your grasp of core of legalism has been deepened. Wise words and passionate truth. It’s making me grasp it in a deeper and more meaningful way as well. Thanks for your obedience.

  5. Mia

    Dear Lisa
    Not many words, but yet so vital and true! Actually when we start following Jesus, we stop keeping any religious rules and we allow Him to love others through us. When Jesus walked the earth, He didn’t for one moment lived out of His divinity, but trusted our Pappa’s power moment by moment to work in and through Him and that is how we are supposed to live! Thanks for a great post!
    Blessings XX

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  7. beverley

    Sorry Lisa i am a little behind!

    Jesus said ‘come follow me.. ‘ as an invitation to be like he is and one day receive all that he has received of the Father. For me to follow Christ (or anyone) would be to do as he did and be as he was.

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