Week in Review and What’s Next {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

We looked at six new ways to spend time with God this past week.

Did one exercise prove more effective to you than the others? Which one helped you become more aware of God’s presence with you and in you?


  • Tangles
    Three suggestions to get rid of tangles in your life.
  • Underground
    Sometimes we have to go underneath things to get grounded. If God has already rescued you, you’re primed to help others find freedom’s path.
  • Valuables
    What 3 things would you grab (other than people and pets!) if your house was on fire? Where is God in those things?
  • Welcome
    “This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival.” – Rumi. Can we welcome both good and bad?
  • X-Rays
    A spiritual x-ray is God seeing us from the inside out, without having to cut us from the outside in.
  • You
    Who is in front of you today? That’s where you can see God. And who you can show God to.

Use today to rest and reflect on the encounters you had with God.

Tomorrow is our last day of this series! Thank you for reading along for 31 days in October. I pray you and God had some meaningful moments together.

Where or how did you see God the most vividly this past week? Please share in the comments.

Coming tomorrow:

  • Z – Zephyr
    How is God like a gentle breeze?


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2 thoughts on “Week in Review and What’s Next {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

  1. Betty Draper

    Love three ways to untange things. This week we visited two couples about seven hours north of us. It was cool and rainy and there were fall colors everywhere. Southern California is void of most fall colors, too dry. I was craving me some fall weather and color and this trip we not planned. The one missionary couple ask us to visit their daughter and son in law who were working at a camp in the redwoods till the go into training. I have been telling myself, God loves me a lot recently because He told me to and I felt His love this week. Then coming home there was a huge wreak on the major interstate so we took less traveled road across huge mountains, beautiful, more love from my

    I have been in a house fire and I did not grab anything. But if I had time I would grab the pictures from all the years and my journals and my bible. I have so little from moving so many times that I would want to keep. God has met our needs about 29 times with each move and I have learned to not hold things tightly. But my daughter only wants my bible and my journals when I go to be with Jesus. Great q uestions Lisa

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I love hearing from your life experiences, Betty. It is faith-building to hear how God moves in other people’s lives; it helps us look for how he’s moving in our own. What a beautiful gift from God to send you to the fall colors. I’m sorry you’ve experienced a house fire. 🙁 But I’m sure that’s added to your sense of what’s important and what’s not. Thanks for sharing this all here! Much appreciated.

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