What’s up in November

I am praying . . . through Scotty Smith’s Everyday Prayersprayer journal

I am thinking . . . about pages to add in my new prayer journal made with choir friends from a Ladies’ Night In

I am studying . . . Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Lois Tverberg and Ann Spangler for my One Word 2013: Jesus (I loved Tverberg’s Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus earlier this year)

I am (also) reading . . . blogger Glennan Doyle Melton’s Carry On, Warrior that I stumbled upon at my public library (exciting!)

I am pondering these words . . . Jesus measured up for us so that we wouldn’t have to live under the enslaving pressure of measuring up for others—including ourselves. – Tullian Tchividjian (from Glorious Ruin)

I am (working on) memorizing . . . Ephesians 1:15-18


I am thankful . . . for a quick trip to Auburn this week to see both my girls

I am appreciating . . . my oldest daughter cooking supper for me and for my 18-year-old inviting me to choir class with her Wednesday afternoon (didn’t turn down either of those offers!)

I am happy . . . that Auburn has such a fun mascot in Aubie who spontaneously joined the choir at a Breast Cancer awareness event


I am looking forward to . . . the Auburn Gospel Choir’s Unity Concert next week with the Alabama Afro-American Choir

I am wondering . . . why the person who sold me his used mp3 player didn’t first remove his music


I am listening to . . . his music anyway—including some old-school groups I loved once upon a time (The Eagles, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago)31-Days-of-Books-at-Lisa-notes.gif

I am resolving . . . to think twice before doing another #31Days blogging challenge next October, even though I enjoy it each year

An activity for the weekend . . . our monthly family meal at my brother’s house on Friday—the menu is Mexican!

A picture to share . . . the family and food at the Loachapoka Syrup Sopping Day outside of Auburn


* * *

What’s something happening in your day today?

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16 thoughts on “What’s up in November

  1. Dianna

    Enjoyed reading your Daybook entry, Lisa! I see a theme…FAMILY…and it blesses me so. And I LOVE seeing pictures of Jenna and how happy she obviously is with college again this year.

    And I know it is your decision and that you are going to think twice before you commit to 31 days in October next year, but I just want you to know how much I enjoyed reading each and every review you did!

    1. Lisa notes...

      Jenna is definitely enjoying herself even more this year. So far her grades are holding up too. ha.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book quotes. I did enjoy doing it–I just didn’t decide early enough to prepare for it. 🙂

  2. floyd

    I always enjoy the electronic post card. I guess the music was a bonus! I’m looking into a hectic and busy day ahead, but thankful to be busy. Awesome pictures!

    1. Lisa notes...

      The music was definitely a bonus. I had a couple long drives this week back and forth to Auburn, so I got to listen to a lot of the songs and reminisce back to the 70s. Some good and some not so good! ha.

  3. Mary

    Lisa, I love this post…especially seeing your family. I want to echo Dianna’s comment about your 31 days. I, too, read every post even though I did not comment on most of them. I get not wanting to do it again. (I have never been brave enough!) But I did enjoy them.

    have a great weekend friend.

    1. Lisa notes...

      Maybe you can try the 31 days yourself next year! My advice: start writing before October. ha. That’s where I mess up every year. Hope you have a great weekend too! I hope mine will be quiet. 🙂

  4. Barbara H.

    I have mixed emotions about doing the 31 day series next year, too. I have only done it once and enjoyed it a lot, but it did take up time and added some pressure to the month, even though a lot of the material I used was previously prepared. We’ll see, I guess. 🙂

    I’d love to go a Mexican-themed meal! I love Mexican food but hubby has grown to dislike the nearest restaurant – their getting a failing health score recently sealed the deal that we probably won’t be going back there, at least any time soon. I am looking up how to make chicken chimichangas at home but not sure I want to try it.

    Neat that you got to see your girls. Isn’t it fun when our kids start cooking for us some times? 🙂

    1. Lisa notes...

      I need to make myself a note early in September (or August!) if I’m going to do 31 days again. I always forget about it until October is almost here. My first thought is usually I won’t do it, but then at the last minute I think how fun it will be and recklessly jump in. ha.

      Yes, it is definitely a plus when our kids cook for us. I had both my girls cook some when they were still at home, but I didn’t get the full benefit because they would have to ask me so many questions. But now that they’re on their own, I can just sit back and enjoy. 🙂

  5. Dave Arnold

    Great stuff Lisa. Thanks for sharing your learning’s. Love this quote by Tullian: “Jesus measured up for us so that we wouldn’t have to live under the enslaving pressure of measuring up for others—including ourselves.”

  6. Jerralea

    I really enjoy doing the 31 Day challenge but I never start early enough either! Maybe we should keep each other accountable on starting ahead?

    Love the Tullian quote! And anytime anyone wants to cook for me, I’m a happy camper.

  7. Linda@Creekside

    I hear you about the 31 Days next year, my friend! I think most of us are still recovering. Even though I’m not blogging this month, I had to drop by and say ‘hi’ and thanks for the encouraging words you left me. A sweetheart you surely are!

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