Baby, it’s cold outside – February Daybook

Outside my window . . . it’s been a cold, cold winter (for Alabama anyway)–we even had a little snow (we take what we can get)


I am thinking . . . more about discrimination in various forms

I am appreciating . . . this kick in the pants by Osheta, spurring me to initiate more conversations among my friends about prejudice and compassion

I am thankful for . . . a godly young Auburn senior (and now valued friend) who’s graciously helping me understand how discrimination looks among his generation today

I am going . . . to hear this same young man sing the National Anthem soon at an Auburn sporting event, then hear him, Jenna, and others sing in the Auburn Gospel Choir for the Black History concert two days later

I am spending . . . more time lately with babies (not sure if it makes me feel younger or older)

I am listening . . . to Pray as You Go when I can’t sleep, a new-to-me, ~10 minute podcast by British Jesuits (fabulous accents) with scripture, prayer, and music

I am eating . . . Cadbury Creme Eggs already (my spring favorite) thanks to this creative gift from Jeff I found on the kitchen counter one night

cadbury eggs

I am resolving . . . to stop straying so far off my reading list for 2014, but it’s all good

I am reading . . . my first book by the Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium, and my first novel by Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed (neither are on my 2014 reading list, btw)

I am praying . . . the new campus of Church of the Highlands will be a light for Jesus to my community for a long time to come

I am pondering these words . . .

The doldrums flourish when we’re focused on doing rather than being. We forget that real life happens internally more than externally. We would rather do something than be something.
Fresh Air by Chris Hodges, Highlands pastor, (this book actually is on my reading list)

One of my favorite things . . . spending time with the Four Corners, my best buddies from childhood–our annual slumber part is tonight

A few plans for the weekend . . . getting to serve a sit-down dinner for the homeless tomorrow at the King’s Banquet

A picture for thought . . . the unpredictability of life and death . . . we lost Adam (far left), 18-yrs-old, last week to a mysterious illness that hijacked his body. The picture is from Jenna’s Jr/Sr class trip to NYC in 2012. I bonded with Adam when he (like me) didn’t want to go to the top of the Rockefeller Center because of his fear of heights. May you enjoy the spectacular view now, Adam.

central park

* * *

What’s happening in your day today?

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8 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside – February Daybook

  1. Linda@Creekside

    Thanks for this wonderful bushel of resources and thoughts, Lisa! I’ve added Pray As You Go to my morning online devotional offerings. What a way to start the day, centered and focused on Jesus Christ and the majesty of who is is.

    And from that deepening relationship, our writing, our being, our service flows, yes?

    Have a very serendipitous weekend, my friend!


  2. christina

    So sorry for the loss of Jenna’s and your young friend Adam! May the Lord comfort all who love him. Praise the Lord that Adam belongs to Him. You have my empathy on the reading list. 🙂 Enjoy your slumber party!! What an enormous blessing to have childhood friends you still love and spend time with! Treasure that. Grace and peace to you and yours in Christ Jesus, Lisa.

  3. Jody Collins

    Oh, Lisa, this was a thought provoking list–you packed a lot in. I like the New York City picture of all the young people taking pictures. Adam’s family is blessed to have the support of people like you and yours.

  4. Beverley

    We think we have nothing but we have so much. We think we have time, but really every minute is borrowed. Reading the Railway Man by Eric Lomax, it’s just come out as a film. Not sure how such a book can be portrayed as a movie but as i lay in the bath i couldn’t help thinking how grateful i was for a bath, for clean water, for hot water and for the ability to move, to read, to write, to understand, to speak…

  5. Jerralea

    Gone at 18 … you just never know, do you? What a reminder to us all to savor every day we have here.

    I love the thought of you having a slumber party with your childhood girlfriends! Have fun, and remember to not be the first one to fall asleep.

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