Your Cheat Sheet: Summary for Enneagram Types {Enneagram Series #28}

Get your cheat sheet below of a summary for Enneagram types.

Summary for Enneagram Types

Summary for Enneagram Types

As you’ve discovered throughout this series, the Enneagram is a rich tool, far more than just a number on a personality chart. 

The more you dig into it, the more it expands.

As you use it to expand your own soul through the grace of God, harness it not just for your own growth, but also for the greater good of loving God and loving others.

Here is an Enneagram cheat sheet for you to download. It includes many of the Enneagram triads, groups, core traits, etc., that we covered for each number, along with a clickable link connecting to its associated post. 

Download “Summary for Enneagram Types” here

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Spiritual Practice #20—9 Lies and Truths

Our final spiritual practice is to evaluate a set of lies and truths that we believe, one for each number.

Pray about any lies you are believing and ask God’s Spirit to replace them with his eternal truths about who he is, who you are, and how you can best love others. The information is revised from AJ Sherrill’s Enneagram & the Way of Jesus and from Suzanne Stabile.

Type 1—Perfectionist

  • The lies Ones believe:
    “It’s not ok to make a mistake; I have to be perfect.”
  • The truth Ones need:
    “You are loved for who you are, not how good you are.”

Type 2—Helper

  • The lies Twos believe:
    “It’s not ok to be needy.”
  • The truth Twos need:
    “You are wanted.”

Type 3—Performer

  • The lies Threes believe:
    “It’s not ok to be seen as a failure.”
  • The truth Threes need:
    “You are loved for who you are, not for what you do.”

Type 4—Individualist

  • The lies Fours believe:
    “It is not ok to be too functional or too happy.”
  • The truth Fours need:
    “You are seen and valued for who you are.”

Type 5—Investigator

  • The lies Fives believe:
    “You are strong enough to not need help.”
  • The truth Fives need:
    “Your needs are not a problem.”

Type 6—Loyalist

  • The lies Sixes believe:
    “It is not ok to trust yourself.”
  • The truth Sixes need:
    “You are safe.”

Type 7—Enthusiast

  • The lies Sevens believe:
    “It is not ok to depend on anyone for anything.”
  • The truth Sevens need:
    “You will be taken care of.”

Type 8—Challenger

  • The lies Eights believe:
    “It is not ok to be vulnerable—you can’t trust people.”
  • The truth Eights need:
    “It’s ok to be weak.”

Type 9—Peacemaker

  • The lies Nines believe:
    “It’s not ok to be bold and assert yourself.”
  • The truth Nines need:
    “Your presence and opinion matters.”

For more, here is an excellent Spiritual Formation Plan you can download from Saturate on how to use the Enneagram. The plan is designed to help you “take off the mask so the real you can meet Jesus and be transformed into the person God made you to be, for His glory and the good of others.”

Thank you for traveling along this journey with me. I’ve enjoyed every single comment and have learned much from you.

Please share any thoughts in the comments.

Enneagram for Spiritual Growth

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12 thoughts on “Your Cheat Sheet: Summary for Enneagram Types {Enneagram Series #28}

  1. BettieG

    Thank you Lisa, for all of the enlightening thoughts you have brought to us through this series! There is so much valuable insight here to return to, again & again. Blessings to you.

  2. Barbara Harper

    I’ve read the series each day, though I haven’t commented. It still seems complicated to me, but you’ve explained it well. I identify pretty strongly with five of the numbers. But even without knowing which exact number I am, I can benefit from the truths and encouragement for the specific aspects I see in myself.

    This took an incredible amount of research and then distilling all that information down to its essence. You did a great job! Thank you.

    1. Trudy

      I second this, Lisa! I, too, appreciate the great job you’ve done. And with you, Barbara, I can’t seem to pinpoint an exact number down. Thanks so much, Lisa, also for this chart. 🙂 Love and blessings to you!

  3. Martha Brady

    i love this! helpful for both myself and my husband:) thanks so much for this series lisa. i hope we’ll get a chance to get together soon after we recover from this month’s writing:) blessings.

  4. David

    Very impressive series. Seems like a framework with a lot of space for interpretation and creativity. I can’t imagine a series like this for sth like Myers-Briggs.

  5. Theresa Boedeker

    I have been loving your series, Lisa. This was well planned and you covered a lot of information. My sister and daughter have been learning more about the enneagram and diving into our numbers and I have been forwarding them some of your posts. Then we talk about them. So much information here.

  6. floyd

    Again, this hits close to the heart in so many ways. It’s amazing how I can hear some of those exact words I’ve told myself inside. And yes, they are tools of the enemy.

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