Don’t Make Me and Week 4 in Summary {Enneagram Series #29}

Depending on your Enneagram type, there are certain things that you’d rather not have to do anymore. See if this list rings true with you.

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Summary of the Week

Below is a short recap of the Enneagram articles from this week.

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If you want to learn more about the Enneagram, see these five articles from week 4 in our series, “The Enneagram for Spiritual Growth: 20 Ways to Practice the Enneagram.”

#24 Shine a Light on 9 Ways We Lose Our Way

9 Passions of the Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #16—Learn your verse.

See the 9 ways (Passions) each Enneagram type can lose their way. Learn Bible verses to shine a light on them.

#25 Which Enneagram Types Go Best Together?

Enneagram types go best together

Spiritual Practice #17—See the best and worst in relationships.

Which Enneagram types go best together? Those at their healthiest number. Here are the best/worst traits to watch for in each number.

#26 Improve Your Relationships with Other Numbers on the Enneagram

Improve Relationships Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #18—Use these relationship tips.

See how to improve your relationships with other numbers on the Enneagram. Approach each personality type in a way that suits them best.

#27 A Wake-Up Call for Each Number on the Enneagram

Wake-Up Call Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #19—Use your gift.

When you’re spiraling downward, you need a wake-up call. See one for each Enneagram number. Also see the unique gift your type can give the world.

#28 Your Cheat Sheet: Summary for Enneagram Types

Summary for Enneagram Types

Spiritual Practice #20—Pray about these 9 lies and truths.

Get your cheat sheet of a summary for Enneagram types. It includes triads, groups, core traits, etc., for each number. Also see this list of lies/truths for each number. 

Did you learn anything new about your relationships this week using the Enneagram? Please share in the comments.

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