If you need to catch your breath


It’s summer, the time we’re supposed to be less rushed. But what if we’re still out of breath?

Breath is one of our first gifts from the Creator, and when we don’t guard it, our lives feel stressed.

See how you can use the wind this week to remind you to guard your spiritual breathing. And participate in our mini-Bible study.

God breathes hard into us—we are brought forth from his very breath—so let’s use our breath to bless him (and ourselves) in return.

Read here “Need to catch your breath? Try Him”

* * *

We’re studying our #Marvelous Creator this month at Do Not Depart. Will you join me there to talk about the connections between breathing, wind, and Spirit?

When is the last time you’ve been really out of breath, physically or spiritually? 

5 things I learned from my “Year of Deep Breathing”

The Marvelous Creator - A Summertime Bible study from DoNotDepart.com

10 thoughts on “If you need to catch your breath

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m sure you definitely are having days (weeks!) where you feel you don’t have time to catch your breath. But yes, do remember to slow down and breathe deeply. There is always time for those mini-breaks with God. Praying for your move to go smoothly!

  1. floyd

    Man alive… I’m in desperate need of a breath! With business and remodeling my daughter’s house, I’ve had one day off in the last month and a half. I needed this reminder, Lisa. Thanks.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Hope you’re getting some needed breaths this weekend, Floyd. But I’m guessing the weekend is when you go into overtime. ha. Take time off when you need it though.

  2. Beverley

    yes God gave us our first breath and will give us our last and yet we take each breath for granted as if we are entitled to it. I am grateful that i have taken the time to sit and just breath each day, it has certainly blessed my life each day.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      It’s nice to know you’re still doing that too, Beverley. I’ve been trying to be more consistent in 2015 to take 20 minutes a day to do Centering Prayer. I haven’t been successful at sitting every day, but at night it’s definitely becoming a more consistent practice. And it is blessing my life too. God just gives and gives and gives to us….

      1. Beverley

        At first i would sit for only a couple of minutes before i became fidgety and my brain started meandering at will, but in time things began settle more quickly and i could stay still and quiet for longer and longer time. Then i added meditating twice a day and i must say i am more successful in the evenings than in the mornings, but i just let it pass and try again tomorrow.

        1. LisaNotes Post author

          I can sit still physically, but quieting my mind is still hard for me. 🙁 But yes, we just let it pass and try again tomorrow. I appreciate that, Beverley. I need to be reminded often of that; there’s no failure in it.

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