“Bring Me a Vision” – A Real-Life Story of Friendship, Love, and Hope

The odds seem stacked against her. As a child, my friend had ill-equipped parents. Year later, the parents still lack necessary skills.

My friend’s husband is in jail. She is on her own with three small kids. She has no job. She has very little money month-to-month. Her resources are extremely limited.

Pam Ecrement had a friend in hard circumstances, too. Her friend Becky had a difficult childhood, was sexually abused, and was used and abandoned by various men.

When I began reading Becky’s story in Pam’s new book, Bring Me a Vision: A Story of Redeeming Hope, I didn’t see much hope in Becky’s life. One situation after another, one poor decision after another, spiraled her life downward. Broken relationships and substance abuse and fractured families seemed to point nowhere but down.

Bring Me a Vision

Yet God.

After one too many losses, Becky met a Christian counselor who not only cared about her current situation, but also about her soul. Pam, who was that counselor, showed love to Becky in a way she had never felt. The unconditional love that comes from God flowed through Pam to Becky. And week by week, it changed Becky.

“Little by little the counseling and the working of the Holy Spirit were beginning to open Becky’s eyes to who she needed to know versus what she needed to know.”

Becky kept a journal. Many of her entries are included in Bring Me a Vision.

“Pam started our session by sharing with me that she is humbled to have been a part of my coming to the Lord and a part of my growth over the past two years. That was an incredible compliment to me. One that I won’t forget and possibly the first compliment to ever penetrate my flesh and stick to my heart.”

As Becky’s story continues to unfold, we begin seeing the fruits of grace ripening again and again.

And one of those fruits was a new ministry: RAHAB, Reaching Above Hopelessness and Brokenness.

Rahab Ministries

When Becky began ministering to women on the streets in her town of Akron, Ohio, she prayed for a clearer vision from the Lord on what more to do. RAHAB was birthed in 2002 to form relationships and provide resources to equip women who had been trafficked.

By sharing her message with others, Becky was able to gather needed resources to help these women.

“She felt an urgency to help those in her audiences to understand what seemed unthinkable to them, and to be reminded that Jesus calls us not to look away from those we might see on the streets. No one awakens one morning and decides to be a prostitute. No one asks to be abused and often it is the abused who are snared into prostitution as a part of being caught in the dark web of human trafficking.”

RAHAB has since opened a safe house for women who need a stable place to live as they break free of chains.

God used Becky for years to lead this ministry. Her own brokenness allowed her to touch other broken women. And her own redemption shined a light of hope on their own lives.

Bring Me a Vision is a real-life story of love and life and hope. It reads like a novel, but it actually happened.

If you need a reason to praise God today, praise him for the life of Becky. And Pam. And all the women and children who are now free from sex trafficking.

I continue to pray for God to move mountains in the life of my own young friend. Progress seems slow at times, but I know God can still do miracles.

It’s clear that he performed a miracle in Becky’s life.

* * *

All profits from Bring Me a Vision go to RAHAB Ministries. Read more about the book or order a copy here.

Read more about RAHAB Ministries here.

Watch Becky Moreland tell about RAHAB Ministries.

Rahab Ministires helps free Akron women from human trafficking

8 thoughts on ““Bring Me a Vision” – A Real-Life Story of Friendship, Love, and Hope

  1. Karen Friday

    Lisa, thanks for sharing. This makes the second post I’ve read about Pam’s book. I must get it! I like that Becky begin to see who she needed versus what she needed. Makes me reflect on how hope is a person. His name is Jesus! Such a wonderful story of hope!

  2. Trudy

    Wow, Lisa! This brings tears to my eyes, not only for Becky, your friend, and other women who are hurting, but also for God’s working a miracle in Becky’s life and now also in sending His hope and healing to other lives through RAHAB. Thank you for this review. And thank you, Pam, for writing Becky’s story. And thank you, Becky, for being willing to share your story. Love and hugs to you all!

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