Are You Sure?


Guess what I just saw?

Not the green of a mallard
Or the mottles of a muscovy
Or the black & white of a Canada goose
(Yes, I saw them too)

I just saw a white duck swimming in our lake

Are your sure?
It’s been years

I’m sure

It wasn’t the neighbor’s white chicken?
It was a white duck swimming in our lake
I think . . .

Was it?

Maybe I presumed it was in the water
But it really stood on the shore
Maybe I glanced too short a moment
But I didn’t stop to stare

Perhaps it was a white chicken in the grass

Assuredly no white duck was swimming in our lake


Hello, white chicken in the grass


Hello, white chicken in the grass


Hello, white chicken in the grass


A flash of white out the window
Glistens off the water
Must be the white chicken in the grass

I’ll leer instead of look
I’ll step outside instead of in
I’ll use binoculars instead of 20/20

The head? Rounded
The feathers? White
The location? In the water

Guess what I just saw?
A white duck swimming in our lake

Are you sure?

Hello, white duck in our lake

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15 thoughts on “Are You Sure?

  1. Martha J Orlando

    Sometimes, it’s best to trust our eyes to tell us the truth. We know what we see no matter how preposterous it may sound at first. Do you remember the children’s song, “There’s a Little White Duck Swimming in the Water”? That’s what immediately came to mind as I read this today. πŸ™‚
    Blessings, Lisa!

  2. Lynn

    Sometimes what we are surprised by is what we are actually seeing! When we make assumptions, is when we tend to be wrong, I think! This reminds me to stay open-minded, not making assumptions from our mind, and to listen carefully with our hearts open, too. White ducks are a beautiful site!

  3. Harry Katz

    Always! I’ve worn glasses all my life. πŸ™‚

    It’s great that you’ve seen a white duck after such a long absence. A couple of pairs of ospreys nest on top of floodlight poles by the baseball diamond in our local park. It’s always a thrill, and a relief, to see them return each spring.

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