5 Ways to Stay Safe While Walking in the Dark

I said it again.

“I just don’t understand.”

I’ve said it a lot the past few months.

When situations arise that aren’t clear, our human brains want to find answers.

It’s uncomfortable to not know.

But here I am. You, too.

We may know some things—maybe even a lot of things—but there are far more things we don’t know than things we ever will know.

Even when we live in our light, we have many nights we walk in the dark.

How do we stay safe while walking in the dark?


It helps to already be familiar with the terrain. You know the potholes on your daily path. Skirt around them in the dark, too. Be aware of obstacles when possible. Avoid spots you know will cause you trouble.


Even the darkest dark can become illuminated with a little light. Turn on the light of presence in the form of hope. When the darkness threatens to overcome you, light up your hope from the inside.


When the lights go out, you might be tempted to panic. But staying calm leads to wiser decisions. Solutions arise easier from a calm head than a flustered one.


Be patient. In confusing circumstances, remember a brighter light will eventually shine again. It won’t always be dark. The sun will rise again as you await another rotation of the earth.


It’s comforting to have a friend along when you’re walking in the dark. Stay with your people. Together is better than alone in dark seasons.

Yet Even…

Yet even with the best precautions and preparations, bad things can and do happen in the dark (well, also in the light). There are no guarantees.

Perhaps we have to redefine what “safe” means.

Here’s what it does not mean.

  • Safe doesn’t mean we’ll never have pain.
  • It doesn’t mean we’re immune from danger.
  • It doesn’t mean our bodies will never die.

So what does safe mean in the ultimate sense?

For me, safe means I’ll never walk totally alone. I’ll always be loved. I’ll always be guided. Whether it’s light or it’s dark.

I’m reminding myself of that, even as I say, “I just don’t understand.”

Keep moving forward, dark or not. Keep living, keep loving.

Seeing clearly in the dark isn’t an illusion worth chasing. Seeking clarity can become an idol.

Maybe one day I’ll understand; maybe I won’t.

In the meantime, I hold tightly to others, and to the Spirit inside me.

That’s where my true security rests, in the light and through the dark.

How do you make it through a dark night?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

12 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Safe While Walking in the Dark

  1. Martha J Orlando

    There are so many things that we cannot understand, Lisa, and we may never gain that understanding. But trusting in God, having faith in Him, is so much more precious than understanding Him and His ways that are and always will be higher than ours.
    Blessings, and thanks for this beautiful reflection!

  2. Lisa Blair

    This is true, Lisa, “Safe doesn’t mean we will never experience pain.”

    This comforts me, “Even darkness is not dark to You, and the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You.” (Psalm 139:12 NASB)

  3. Maryleigh

    So encouraging, Lisa! Your definition of Safe is so good – because we think safe means safe in the world – but to live understanding it means safe in God – kind of changes our expectations – and understand better where we need to put our trust – whether it’s in the light or dark moments of our lives. ~ Shalom, Maryleigh

  4. Michele Morin

    I wonder if you have read Learning to Walk in the Dark by BBT? I think it’s my favorite of her books. I have started carrying a small flashlight in my purse, coat pockets,etc., because it’s so dark out here on the edge of the universe. It’s a metaphor to me for keeping really close to whatever light I am receiving from the Word. So easy to stumble!

  5. Shannon

    This is great, Lisa, and so helpful because we all find ourselves in the dark from time to time.
    I benefit from this reminder: “Trusting the one I’m walking with is where my safety lies.” Where we are isn’t as important as who we’re with.

  6. Robyn Jones

    That is so true that true safety comes from walking with God! After moving into a new apartment by myself, I did my rounds to make sure my doors and windows were locked before going to bed. I had the habit of checking repeatedly in my other apartments to be sure, but this time, just as I was getting ready to bring that old habit to my new apartment, God stopped me in my tracks. He told me that He is the One who keeps me safe, not my doors and locks. Not verbally, but on the inside. It may as well have been verbally because such a feeling of confident security and safety came over me. Ever since then, while I still take the time to lock up and take precautions while out and about, I always remember that assurance that I am safe because I am with God and He is with me. Thank you for reminding me of that. ???

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