A Scripture Memory Lite Challenge for the Summer: 8-8-8

Even though all of Romans 8 is beneficial to memorize, let’s take on a Memory Lite challenge for this summer: 8-8-8.

For 8 weeks, we’ll memorize 8 verses in Romans 8.

June 5-11, Romans 8:1
June 12-18, Romans 8:15
June 19-25, Romans 8:26
June 26-July 2, Romans 8:28
July 3-9, Romans 8:31
July 10-16, Romans 8:37
July 17-23, Romans 8:38
July 24-30, Romans 8:39

If you’d like to join in this no-pressure challenge and highlight these truths about God’s love to keep in your heart and your life, .

You’ll receive links to our resources to help you memorize the verses, including 3×5 cards, 1st letters, journal pages, and more.

Beginning June 5, you’ll receive an email reminder for 8 weeks about our verse of the week.

From June through July, we’ll memorize helpful scriptures about freedom in Christ, help in our weaknesses, and the love of God that never leaves us.

We’ll then carry these valuable principles with us for a lifetime.


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4 thoughts on “A Scripture Memory Lite Challenge for the Summer: 8-8-8

  1. Jean Turner

    8 means new Beginnings in the Hebrew
    Triplicate gives greater emphasis

    The alpha number for JESUS in
    Greek is 888

    Romans 8 is one of my favourite chapters in the Bible

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