Who Do You Complain To?
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There is SO much to complain about, wouldn’t you agree?

Who do you go to when you’re frustrated? For me, it depends on who I think will best understand my complaint. Often, it’s my husband (lucky Jeff!). Or it’s my sister or daughter. Or one of my friends.

They might agree with me. They might even make me feel better about the situation.

But ultimately, the only way to get peace through a situation isn’t just complaining about it. But changing it.

And often the situation that needs changing first is the condition of my heart.

That’s why Beth’s post stood out to me this week, “How to Complain and Gain Peace and Perspective” at her blog messymarriage.com.

Beth reminds us there’s a better way to approach complaining. She’s currently leading a Facebook Bible study in the Psalms [find it here] to uncover how David prayed.

And David’s prayers often included complaining to the Lord.

“There’s no reason to pretend with God that everything is fine. He knows and sees it all—knowing what’s going on in your life and what’s brewing in your heart.”
– Beth Steffaniak

When we talk first to God about our complaints, we’re more apt to be changed ourselves. To have our perspective channeled more correctly. And if the problem still needs addressing, to be better equipped to handle it properly.

I want to do better about taking my complaints to God.

“I was able to see that much of my problem was/is my own perspective. Viewing things from God’s perspective has reinvigorated my faith, given me greater peace, and is enabling me to trust that He will protect me in the conflicts and battles of my life.”
– Beth

More peace, more faith, more hope, and possibly more change.

Beth is resolving this year to take her complaints ONLY to God. I won’t go that far (sorry, family), but I do want to re-route my complaints to God first more often.

Read all of Beth’s encouraging post, then link up below.

“How to Complain and Gain Peace and Perspective”

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How often to you complain directly to God? Share your thoughts in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Who Do You Complain To?
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Michele Morin

    How kind of God to be willing to listen patiently to my complaints. It occurs to me that my complaints are likely to lead my human listeners into sin, but God can handle all my words and feelings.

  2. Nancy Ruegg

    Praise God he’s not only capable of handling our complaints but will often supply a way for us to combat the issue (Philippians 4:19). If the problem is currently insurmountable and out of our control, God will make a way for us to endure (Ephesians 6:11).

  3. Wemi Omotosho

    “…often the situation that needs changing first is the condition of my heart” – this hit home. You’re so right. I’m resolving to also take my complaints to God first – so help me God.

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