Where I am–August 2013

I am thinking . . .  how true this tweet isgrace-tweet
I am resolving . . . to err on the side of grace when in doubt about what to do

I am wondering . . . why we don’t keep this mindset all the time:

“No one gives grace better than the one who thinks they’re in desperate need themselves.” – Paul Tripp

sleep-anywhereI am thankful . . . for an outpouring of love when truth was laid bare last month

I am learning . . . how to use Over, the newest photo-editing app on my phone (although I’m not sure why)

I am discovering . . . my husband really can sleep anywhere (including any mode of transportation—here, the ferry to Staten Island), and it truly is a gift to do so (one I don’t possess)

I am creating . . . an updated list of home projects for the fall (and still thankful for this book’s influence)

I am reading . . . Atlas Shrugged, at last, among too many other books at once (my nightstand and I need an intervention)

I am memorizing . . . parts of 1 Corinthians 13 again with Memory Classics


I am appreciating . . . a re-read of two of my favorites this summer (this book about Jesus and this book about grace) with two groups of ladies I love; one study ended Tuesday night and the other on Wednesday night


I am listening . . . to this new song (to me) from a powerful night of worship with David & Nicole Binion

I am pondering these words . . .

“A guaranteed way to be defeated by the flesh is to focus on the sins that we want to avoid. That’s like going on a diet and then reading the menu at Pizza Hut every day just so we’ll know the foods we want to avoid! We don’t experience victory over the flesh by being preoccupied with it. We are to be obsessed with Jesus, not sin.” – Steve McVey, Grace Walk

One of my favorite things . . . a dinner this week for the Boys and Girls Clubs with former Boys Club member (and now Auburn head football coach) Gus Malzahn


I am realizing . . . I need to learn more about the Boys and Girls Club in my area

A picture to share . . . I don’t get as much time with both my girls as I’d like anymore, but on July 4th we were all together


* * *

What’s happening in your day?

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14 thoughts on “Where I am–August 2013

  1. floyd

    Great post. How could it be bad with you and your girls! What a blessing!

    (side note… I am a tad on the jealous side that your husband can sleep in public places…)

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      (I guess the site finally decided to cooperate! Thanks for persevering.)

      I’m jealous too that Jeff can sleep anywhere–planes, trains, and automobiles. 🙂 Even sitting up. What wakes him up though is when I turn off the TV after he falls asleep watching a ballgame.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’ll be sure to let you know, Amy. I’m about one tenth of the way in right now (which is pretty depressing because I’ve already read over 100 pages). It’s good so far but not super fantastic. Not sure how much more time I’ll be willing to invest if it doesn’t pick up.

  2. Jean Wise

    Great list and fun peek into your life. Erring on the side of grace – yes why don’t we do this all the time? Just imagine how the world would be if we did. I know I try – note the try – if in doubt, go the most loving thing or handle the situation in the most loving manner. Now to follow that more often. Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Jean. I have had a great weekend away with my youngest daughter.

      Erring on the side of grace is a choice, yes? I haven’t always seen that it’s the right choice, but the older I get, the more I understand grace always trumps law–and that God is the one who says that.

  3. Barbara H.

    My husband can sleep just about anywhere, too.

    I guess it’s a truth I knew, but it seems like it has been emphasized or brought out more to me the last year or so the truth of focusing on Jesus and the positive things He wants us to follow rather than the things to avoid. There is Scriptural instruction about both, but we can get too focused on the “don’ts”.

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words about bringing my m-i-l home.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      My husband also can fall asleep quicker than anybody I’ve ever seen too. ha.

      Continuing to pray for all the adjustments in your home. I pray this decision will continue to bless all of you even though it must be incredibly hard. May the Lord bless with you new grace every morning to cover the day’s needs.

  4. Ceil

    Hi Lisa! Boy, you are busy! Love the photo of you and your daughters. How beautiful you all are! I love to reread books that I loved, especially spiritual ones. Seems like they are brand new when you read them again. Hopefully, I have made some progress in the interim…and not just forgot!

    Busy week ahead for me. Dinner at my brothers tonight, multiple service people for multiple home problems (Yay!), meeting with friends. God is good!

    Have a good week 🙂

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      “Hopefully, I have made some progress in the interim…and not just forgot!”

      This made me smile. I hope this for myself too when I re-read a book. Sometimes it’s true; sometimes it’s not. ha.

  5. Dianna

    Lisa, I am so glad that you were able to spend time with both your girls over the 4th of July! I understand how good that feels. It doesn’t happen that way in our family much at all anymore.

    Your quote from Grace Walk has me hooked. It’s going on my wish list for now…but it will make it to my hands one day…SOON!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I think you’d like Grace Walk too, Dianna. I got it free on my Kindle awhile back which was good for me because I’d been wanting to read it anyway. It’s not a new book, but grace never gets old!

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