When You Are Confused, Is God?

Even when you feel confused, remember God is not. When You Just Don't Get It

Things happen we don’t understand. We get confused. We get anxious.

What happens to our faith in these moments?

Sometimes we run from God. We don’t see Him coming to our rescue. So we get impatient and go outside the boundaries for help.

Or maybe we freeze up. If God isn’t giving us a clear answer, we become paralyzed into inaction. We want total clarity before we make any move at all.

But there is a third approach.

Read it all here – “When You Just Don’t Get It

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“When You Just Don’t Get It”

4 thoughts on “When You Are Confused, Is God?

  1. Jennifer

    I like how you mentioned emotions come & go but God is solid…so very true, one we need to write on our hearts…

    Emotions have no logic to them…but they can be directed properly!

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