What’s in Your Pocket?
—Grace & Truth Linkup

Always check the pockets.

That’s my golden rule for laundry. Mix darks and lights if you must. But always check the pockets for the stray kleenex that will shred tissue onto every freshly-washed article of clothing.

In Bob Goff’s newest book, Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy, we’re reminded to check our pockets.

“It’s what we put in them or keep in them that can become distractions. Regrets, resentment, hurts, and misunderstandings are all things that can become huge distractions.”

What's in Your Pocket? + Book Review of Undistracted

Physically, I usually have my phone in my pocket. Too often, I know. Phones are one of our major distractions. Bob says,

“Lose the handheld distractions. Think of phone use as cheating on your family.”


But mentally, the contents of my pockets can carry more weight than my phone.

  • Some days I stuff my pockets with the distractions of a rigid schedule.
  • Or ruminating on events from the past.
  • Or wasting time trying to solve a situation beyond my control.

These distractions keep me from focusing on my most important purpose. . . loving who I’m supposed to be loving at this moment, in this place.

That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t plan, or think about things from the past, or try to solve potential problems on the horizon. Those also can be loving things. God gives us brains to be used for good.

But as Bob points out, it matters less what we are doing, and more why we are doing it.

“It doesn’t matter what the work is; it is who we become in the process of doing our work that does, and the goal is to look and act more like Jesus while we do it.”

So I’m cleaning out my pockets again this morning. I’m working on clearing my head, thinking healthy thoughts, and having clearer vision.

I won’t do it perfectly. I never do.

But at least I can keep a few shredded tissues out of the laundry today.

Quotes from Undistracted

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Bob Goff’s book, Undistracted:

“Don’t be distracted by how different you are from everyone else. Our hearts were meant to beat together, not the same.

Boundaries are good; barriers aren’t. If you build a wall, make sure you install a door or two.”

“Don’t get distracted thinking about what your next move is or whether you will be acknowledged for your efforts. Go love people in extravagant, wildly inefficient ways by speaking words of beauty into their lives. Your words have that kind of power.”

“It’s been said that there are two kinds of people. Humble people and those about to be. Be humble and you won’t be distracted trying to look important.

“I used to spend my time doing things that worked. Now I’m trying to do things that last. It’s a subtle difference but an important one.”

Featured Post

Bob Goff is a wonderful storyteller. But telling our stories is something we ALL can do.

Our featured post this week is from Leslie Newman. Read her post here for motivation on telling your own story more often, then add your own blog links below.

5 Reasons Why Your Story Matters

What is in your pocket? Share in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “What’s in Your Pocket?
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Jean Wise

    “Boundaries are good; barriers aren’t. If you build a wall, make sure you install a door or two.” love this statement as I am mindful lately where boundaries lie in my life and what is working/not working. That is a great image.

  2. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Lisa, I was so curious about your take on Bob’s book, because I had been considering getting it; Distracted as I am, I hoped it might help! I decided instead to see if my local library carried it, b/c I’m about to drown in boatloads of books of my own. I was surprised that it was available, since it is a new release. Apparently, they think their patrons needed this, likely because they get distracted, lose library books, and owe late fees! Actually, not I on that one after one humiliating incident, when dating Mike, and I *made* him return nine overdue library books of mine, which btw, had achieved the maximum late-fee penality. He told me that the librarian looked down at the books (all about the subject time management, btw!), looked up at him, and then shook her head, saying, “Nothing helps, huh?” The good thing is that he was humiliated and not I! 🙂 But truly I was. I was sorry to have held the books so long and to have relied on him to do my dirty work! See what I mean: DISTRACTED yet again! I’m hopeless! Ugh.

    But I really enjoyed the book, as well. As serendipity would have it in reading your post now, I had finished Bob’s book earlier today. Honestly, he tells a LOT of stories, and I was thinking more of a bullet-pointed how-to book would be my preference . . . until I started to read them. In the end, the stories didn’t distract me, but drove home his points. I loved the one about the car-ride at the airport guy, didn’t you? 🙂 At any rate, there is much food for thought there, and the point for me, and in light of my 2022 word, is to be a good Nehemiah and FINISH. Bob also drives home the brevity of time and the need to finish something that outlasts you. I hope people will read this book.

    And btw, I took him up on his offer on my birthday! Short, but sweet talk.

    Thanks for not getting distracted from your purpose, Lisa. You uplift so many with your life and your writing and your eternal optimism!


  3. Lynn

    I love the quotes you shared from Bob Goff’s book. I have read and seen Bob Goff speak at events, and always enjoyed his story-telling and his passion for people. He sure doesn’t seem to over-think, and goes straight to action–very inspiring!

  4. Theresa

    I had heard of this book, but your post sparked my interest in taking the time to read it. The reminders are appreciated. One that especially resonated was: “wasting time trying to solve a situation beyond my control.” Thank you for the uplifting post.

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