What are you singing?

Good songs in us help. When we’re going through a hard time, or even a good time, we use songs to help express what we’re thinking and feeling.

But we all have a repertoire of bad songs in us, too.

So how do we choose songs to build our faith up instead of tear it down? How do we use music instead of letting music use us?

We’re looking at 3 WAYS TO USE MUSIC through the song “Cornerstone” at Do Not Depart.

What are you singing and why {donotdepart.com}

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Listen to “Cornerstone” here

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What is one of your favorite worship songs?

Cornerstone - Songs Hymns Spiritual Songs {donotdepart.com}

One thought on “What are you singing?

  1. David Rupert

    I love Fanny J. Crosby
    Praise Him! Praise Him!
    Near The Cross
    Blessed Assurance

    By my church no longer sings these songs. It’s kind of sad, as their message still courses through my veins. Funny, when I’m working outside, I whistle them and they give me comfort.

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