Does Your Soul Need Pampering? “7 Days of Soul Care”


Who needs pampering?

We all need pampering from time to time.

We know what that looks like physically: rest, good food, massages, pleasurable activities, no stress.

But how do we pamper our souls?

Dolly Lee has a brand new book available today about how to care for our souls, 7 Days of Soul Care.

Dolly walks us through a seven-day journey of personal stories, scriptures, journal questions, and prayers to help us better connect with God.


She says that through doing a series of small things, we allow God to do the extraordinary with our ordinary.

The seven days are centered around these themes:

  1. Know God, Know Yourself
  2. Embrace Your True Worth
  3. Know Jesus, Know God
  4. Discern Your Soul’s Condition
  5. What Trials Can Reveal
  6. Take Steps Toward God
  7. Rest and Play

At the back of her book, Dolly provides a great list of recommended resources on soul care, daily devotionals, and online resources.

Here are some of my favorite lines from 7 Days of Soul Care.

“When we engage with our extraordinary God in our ordinary, we become exceptional in the ordinary because his Spirit is with us and within us.”

~ * ~ * ~

Prayer is the fuel that drives the engine of lasting transformation because it connects us with God’s presence and power.”

~ * ~ * ~

“Slowly over the years, I sensed God’s love as a felt-experience and not merely an abstract theological concept. Our deepest truths are not merely propositional but also deeply felt and personal.”

~ * ~ * ~

“God doesn’t want us to feel worthy if we’re doing well or to feel unworthy when we’re not. In God’s eyes, our worth doesn’t go up and down like the stock market.”

~ * ~ * ~

“We have inherent worth apart from our appearance, or our behavior, or how another has treated us, because God created us in love for love.”

~ * ~ * ~

“Every act you do with our extraordinary God isn’t ordinary— it’s exceptional because it is infused with his holy presence.

* * *

How do you pamper your soul? Please share in the comments.

You can buy Dolly’s book here. She writes a beautiful blog, Soul Stops, and is on Instagram @DollyMLee or #7DaysofSoulCare.

Dolly M. Lee

Dolly’s goal is to collect enough in royalties to donate $500 to International Justice Mission, an anti-slavery organization that protects the poor from violence.

Thanks for the advance copy of this book.

22 thoughts on “Does Your Soul Need Pampering? “7 Days of Soul Care”

  1. Barbara H.

    Sounds very interesting! I love this one: “God doesn’t want us to feel worthy if we’re doing well or to feel unworthy when we’re not. In God’s eyes, our worth doesn’t go up and down like the stock market.”

  2. Trudy

    I loved this book, Lisa. It’s interesting how the quotes I shared in my review are all different than the ones you share here. I tried to pick one out of each day, but there were so many more that were powerful. From your list, I especially love the one that in God’s eyes our worth does not go up and down. We’re so blessed that we are worth so much to Him and His love is so unconditional, aren’t we? I absolutely love the graphic and its message. Dogs can be so trusting of their masters. We can learn so much from them, right? 🙂 Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m glad you loved this book, too, Trudy! Dolly did a very good job sharing her heart, didn’t she? Lots of good quotes. Heading over to read your review now….

  3. Valerie Sisco

    Yes! My soul needs pampering! 🙂 I love to flood my soul with beautiful words from Psalms or Proverbs that soothe it and calm it as I meditate on the gorgeous words of God. I’m excited reading reviews of Dolly’s book since I love her heart. Thanks for sharing it here with us!

  4. Dolly@Soulstops

    What a kind review and your graphic melted my heart because of our dog. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway because since you shared, you can enter multiple times during the giveaway period 🙂 I appreciate you!

  5. Betsy de Cruz

    I’m so excited about Dolly’s book because it’s right in line with my message and passion too. Thanks for sharing it, Lisa. I love this quote especially: ““God doesn’t want us to feel worthy if we’re doing well or to feel unworthy when we’re not. In God’s eyes, our worth doesn’t go up and down like the stock market.” That stock market image makes it easy to understand…

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      That particular quote seems to resonate with many of us, me included. None of us want to be constantly weighed for our worth. Yes, that stock market imagery is a strong one–and if we could plot it the past 48 hours, we’d probably see a lot of volatility that we wouldn’t want for ourselves. 🙂

  6. Anita Ojeda

    My soul needs pampering every single morning :). And sometimes during the day, too. Other than time spent in prayer and reflection, I look at nature for soul-pampering sunrises, sunsets and other amazing beauty.

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