Someday Is Today {A Book a Day 10}
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I only have five minutes. That’s not enough time to start anything. Right?

Wrong. That’s what Matthew Dicks would tell me. Five minutes is plenty of time to do something meaningful.

“I want you to stop thinking about the length of a day in terms of hours and start thinking in terms of minutes. Minutes matter.”
– Matthew Dicks

I picked up great advice in Matthew Dicks’ latest book, Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life.

One of the things I implemented from his book is Rule 16: “Feed Yourself a Compliment Sandwich.” Matthew suggests you establish a collection place for compliments you get.

So I set up a folder on my laptop called “Compliments and Encouragement.” When I receive a particularly meaningful compliment, email, verbal encouragement, etc., I copy it into this folder.

Here’s the first thing I put in my folder after a conversation with Jeff, my husband:

“I asked Jeff if he remembered when he first wanted to marry me. He said it was probably 5 minutes after our first one-on-one conversation.”

I don’t want to forget that. And it only took five minutes to preserve it in my folder. 

What is something you’d like to do or want to finish? You’ll find a path to creating a strategy in this very practical guide. And encouragement to reinvent that strategy along the way as needed.

Someday Is Today

More Quotes from Someday Is Today

“Value every minute of the day equally, regardless of how many other minutes are attached to it.”

~ * ~

“Asking your future self to make decisions allows you to play the long game. . . Our future selves understand the value of time better than any of us.”

~ * ~

“Include the element of time as a primary factor in all decision-making.”

~ * ~

“Don’t spend a minute on something you will forget in an hour. Ask people what you do that is a waste of time.”

~ * ~

“Every opportunity deserves a yes. Give it three days to change to a no or not.”

~ * ~

“Plan your celebration now for each step along the way. Tell 3 people.”

Do you enjoy books on managing time? When they contain unique, helpful information like this one, I consider them a great use of my time. Share in the comments.

You are on Day #10 of the series, A Book a Day {Nonfiction Favorites}.

Each day of February 2023 I’m recommending one book a day from favorite nonfiction books I’ve recently read.

A Book a Day: Nonfiction Favorites

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Grace & Truth Featured Post

Did you know that by February 1, most people have already dropped their New Year Resolutions? Calvonia reminds us,

“Jesus used a parable to teach a lesson on the importance of counting the cost. His focus was on counting the cost of following him. However, these steps can be used whenever we need to plan.”

Even if we stop along the way, Calvonia advises us to be abnormal and start again to finish what we’ve started.

Read all of Calvonia’s post here at her blog, then link up your own blog posts below.

Don’t Forget to Count the Cost

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14 thoughts on “Someday Is Today {A Book a Day 10}
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Lynn

    This sounds like a very interesting read. Time has been on my mind a lot lately, as been working on managing me thoughts to not agree with “there isn’t enough time to…” My brain isn’t always for me…lol! Thanks for sharing the quotes. I especially liked the idea of giving a “yes” three days to make sure it isn’t suppose to be a “no”.

  2. Gayl

    This sounds like a book I could use right about now! I just read a post on stillness and praising God and this fits right in. If I would stop and think, I’m sure I’d find time to do a lot of things I’d like to do. I like the perspective from this book. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Blessings to you!

  3. Jodee

    “Every opportunity deserves a yes. Give it three days to change to a no or not.” This quote caught my spirit today. Then Doug Addison’s word for today was “Watch for something sudden that will open new opportunities.” I love it when God uses words from different sources to bring a message.

  4. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Thank you for your excellent recommendations, Miss Lisa. Just ordered from library (b/c my book collection overfloweth)! I opened it on Amazon, and love the Thoreau quote in the beginning. Sobering. I was a ton of time on FB and useless sidetracks and Net searches. Ugh. I have long kept a compliment folder (w/ letters and E-couragement of the electronically transmitted sort). It’s so encouraging to reread. BUT I also make a point to encourage…as in cards, letters, emails, requests to speak to supervisors on a positive note about a stellar employee, etc. You’d be surprised how that makes everyone’s day). And may I compliment you on all the hard work you do to keep us informed, enlightened, challenged, encouraged, and sometimes, entertained. I appreciate you in so many ways! You have a wonerful husband as well!

    Thanks for E-VERYTHING!

  5. Donna

    Lisa, good advice here. I have always been one to redeem every moment. My husband marvels at the way I fill even the moments waiting for potatoes to boil with something constructive. (Wiping up dirt spots from the kitchen tile floor…LOL)
    But seriously, I have developed a habit of simply taking a breath, and asking the Lord what I can do in that moment. Sometimes the answer is simply to “be”, while at other times I might text encouragement to a friend or usher a prayer up for someone in need.
    “Redeeming the time” is my motto!

  6. Tea With Jennifer

    Lisa, I love what your husband said to you!
    I’ve made some books of the cards I have received from everyone over the years.
    One is from all the cards hubby has given me since our courtship.

    I read these cards books when needing a little encouragement ?
    blessings, Jennifer

  7. Calvonia

    i love learning new ways to manage my time well. I often use the 5 minute hack. It’s surprising how much I can get done in that small time frame. i love the point that your future self understands the value of time. That’s a great point to consider.

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