Silent Night or Noisy Night? {Book Review}

The Silent Noisy Night

This padded Christmas board book for children gets so many things right.

1. Noisy

For starters, Jill Roman Lord depicts the night Jesus was born as possibly quite noisy, not silent and still.

“I wonder if the cows all mooed.
The horses must have neighed.
Could little goats have bleated loud
and led the grand parade?”

2. Brown People

Next, the illustrations by Kelly Breemer aren’t of white Anglo-Saxon people. Baby Jesus, the shepherds, the townspeople: they are tan and brown, which is much more realistic.

3. Relevant

The message not only celebrates the past, but includes us in the present.

Silent-Noisy-Night page

4. Delightful

And lastly, it’s charmingly-illustrated, well-written, yet sturdy enough for little hands.

If you’re still looking for a Christmas book as a gift this year, or one to just keep on hand year-round for your own family, I definitely recommend The Silent Noisy Night.

My granddaughter and I have already enjoyed it this season. And it will be one we return to again and again in Christmas seasons yet to come.

* * *

Do you have a favorite children’s book you read at Christmas? Please share in the comments.

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