Share Four Somethings—May 2021

Here are my “four somethings” from April. I’m sharing at Heather’s.

Plus my One Second video from last month . . . 

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Something Loved



Many of you have asked about the One Second Everyday videos that I include here every month. Here’s the link to download the One Second Everyday app.

It’s available for both iPhone and Android. I’ve always used the free version for iPhone (it does everything I need!) but there is a pro version if you want more options.

It is VERY easy to use! If you can take a video with your phone, you can do this.

The hardest part is remembering to take a video each day (but you can choose any schedule you prefer; it doesn’t have to be daily). I usually let my videos pile up on my phone and then choose the ones I want to use after about a week or so. 

The easiest part is letting the app put all the seconds together. You don’t have to stitch the moments together yourself. The app does it for you when you’re ready, for whatever time period you choose. I choose a calendar month for my videos. 

I’ve been doing them every day (almost) since July 2015. I absolutely love looking back for 30 seconds to relive any month from the past 6 years!

Get motivated by watching this 8-minute TED talk by the creator of the one second concept.


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Something Read 


I finished a fun novel this month written entirely as lists! It’s Twenty-one Truths About Love by Matthew Dicks.  


The main character Dan is an obsessive list-maker, so we follow the plot by reading the lists he makes. It’s a very fun (and often funny) way to follow a story.

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Something Treasured


My very favorite thing in May is the arrival of our newest grandson! He surprised us all by coming 2 1/2 weeks early, but we didn’t mind.



He’s already met his two girl cousins, all his grandparents, and survived his first photo shoot (photo credits to April Stanley Photography, although he should be quite used to cameras by now with two photographer parents!)

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Something Ahead


Our neighborhood is going to have its first Block Party in June! Although I know a few of our neighbors very well, I don’t know the rest at all. We’ve been getting to know each other better the past year through our neighborhood Facebook group, so now the time has come for an outside cookout in the cul-de-sac.

I imagine we’ll be sharing snake stories when we get together. Several of us have spotted snakes this spring and share a common dislike of finding one slithering in our yard. (I’ll share later about my botched attempt to shoot a snake last Friday as I was planting flowers.)

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What’s a highlight from your May? What are you looking forward to in June? Share in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—May 2021

  1. Jennifer Smith

    Ugh to snakes. We’ve had (more than) our share this year, too!! But a block party sounds like fun. It’s been ages since I did anything like that! Congratulations on your latest cutie patootie!!

  2. Laurie

    Mmmm…when you write “shoot a snake”, I assume you are writing about shooting it with a camera? 🙂 Thank you for sharing the information about the 30-second app. I had no idea you used an app to do it. I am going to give it a try.

    Oh, that precious little grandson. He is a cutie!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Well, I did take a shot with my phone camera. 😉 But the shot that alerted the neighbors was a different kind. ha. Thankfully we live out in the county so it’s not that unusual to hear. Nonetheless, it did cause my next-door-neighbor to put his dog inside (even though he didn’t check on me! lol).

  3. Megan Byrd

    Love the photos of your grandson. *all the heart eyes*

    The book sounds intriguing.

    I’ve seen the one second a day videos and they’re neat but I don’t know if I can remember to do it.

  4. Barbara Harper

    I had forgotten that the 1-second video was made with an app. I might look into that. I always love yours.

    That book sounds unique and quirky!

    Your grandson looks so sweet! He’s much loved.

    Yikes, snakes! Wonder why there are so many of them? I hope we never have any!

  5. Linda Stoll

    Oh he’s so precious in that little basket, Lisa!!!!

    You know that I’ve been a huge fan of your 1 second video so thanks for sharing the hows and whats. June might be the perfect month for this techno-novice to give it a try.

    Or not …

  6. Trudy

    Your grandson is so cute, Lisa! I always look forward to your 1 second videos. 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your shooting attempt with the snake. I had to smile as I read that. Love and blessings to you!

  7. Karen Friday

    Lisa, congratulations on the new grandson! And what adorable photos! The book written entirely by lists sounds so intriguing. Finally, love the neighborhood block party. This is perfect timing to connect and reconnect after Covid and promote community!

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