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Near the end of each month, I share four somethings at Jennifer’s linkup that I’m loving, reading, learning, and eating. 

And last month’s One Second Everyday video . . . 

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What I’m Loving


My friend and our fellow blogger Lois Flowers has created a new Instagram account called “Remembering Our Parents.” 

It’s a space for each of us to “honor our parents, share their wisdom, and encourage each other as we continue on without them.”

She invites you to participate, too. Just answer a question about your mom or dad and send her a photo. Get all the details here. (And read more in today’s featured post when you scroll down.) 

This is what I sent in about my mom. Although it’s been almost 13 years since she died, I still miss her terribly. I still need her advice. I’m glad I still have her love.

Remembering Our Parents instagram

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What I’m Reading 


I continue to think about this nesting dolls metaphor for all the versions of myself. This book, Your Future Self, helps me remember that who I am today is likely not my last version either. It’s been fascinating to read. 

“He saw that the younger version of himself was just one patch in his quilt of selves. Just as he’s changed from who he was to who he is, he’ll certainly continue to change as the years unfold.”

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What I’m Learning


So instead of envisioning my current self as the largest doll in the nesting set, I should assume I’m maybe two versions back and continuing to grow. 

Accepting changes that have already happened in my life (many without my permission, I might add!) is requiring courage on my part. But courage is also required to intentionally create change in my future.

And I’m not a brave person by nature, so . . . ugh.  

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What I’m Eating


Growing up, I often ate Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast (I still remember the lightweight aluminum pan I cooked it in). As an adult, I turned away from it.

But now that high cholesterol and other scary things have arisen in adulthood, I’m returning to my roots of old-fashioned oatmeal (not the yummy sugary kind) with a piece of whole wheat toast crumbled in. 

I can’t say I love it, but I feel good about eating it (and it helps me not feel as guilty about a chocolate dessert later in the day, lol).  

What’s something you’re learning or loving this month?  

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Grace & Truth Featured Post

After Lois lost both her parents just five weeks apart in 2019, she recognized the gift of talking about them with others.

I lost my own parents seven months part in 2010. It was a very difficult year. I was grateful to have others around me who also knew and loved my parents. 

Read what Lois has started on Instagram to help us remember our parents now in community.

“Built around follower stories, @RememberingOurParents is an Instagram community for all of us with moms and dads who are gone but definitely not forgotten.”

Read all of Lois’s post at her blog, then link up your own blog posts below.

Introducing ‘Remembering Our Parents’

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20 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—July 2023
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Lesley

    The book sounds interesting, Lisa, and I agree with you about change. There is a lot of change I’m having to deal with just now, much of which I haven’t chosen, and it does take courage, and faith, to work through that.

  2. Lois Flowers

    Aw, Lisa … you are so kind to include Remembering Our Parents in your Four Somethings! Thank you for going first, my friend. And for all your encouragement and support. As for healthy oatmeal, I’m all for it if it lets you have that chocolate dessert later in the day. 🙂

  3. Barbara Harper

    My boys loved the mini car tracks and loops like your grandson had in the video. And my middle one loved puddles.

    I switched to oatmeal a while back, too, for the same reasons. Though I love it with brown sugar, I put salt and pepper on it now to reduce calories (which I make up for later, preferably with a chocolate dessert!). My cholesterol did go down.

    I’m enjoying Lois’s site. I need to settle on what to write. I enjoyed reading about your mom.

  4. Stacy Duncan

    Your post for your Mom warmed my heart! She seems like a beautiful lady inside and out! How sweet is that picture of all of you? That book looks really good, I might check it out! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. Lory @ Entering the Enchanted Castle

    I love oatmeal – topped with lots of fruit, nuts, and yogurt. If I can get the texture just right it’s so creamy and good. I hope you can get used to yours! I also like baking with oat flour since I stopped eating gluten. Oat pancakes with banana are my favorite.

    The Remembering Our Parents project is lovely. It’s perfect to build a community around.

  6. Lydia C. Lee

    I too am on the dreaded cholestorol diet – it’s the worst. I miss cheese the most, I think. And all those yummy curries…(coconut milk being a big no no). Aopparently bland is good!
    I listen to a podcast and she talked about investing in your future self, and the last one was on being the person who chased change, not let change chase you….it’s a really good way to think about it, and it can make change a little less scary. (She swears a lot so I don’t know if it’s your sort of thing – but it’s a brilliant podcast)#ShareFourSomethings

  7. Cindy Davis

    Good for you for returning to healthy eating. It is hard, and not fun, and I am jumping back on that wagon tomorrow! I am ready. I just hope I have the self-control to maintain it. I hope you have a great week!

  8. Paula

    Lisa, I love what you wrote about your mom and for sharing Lois’s new Instagram site. I don’t deal well with change, especually it’s something quick. It takes me time to process things, and my anxiety goes wacky when I don’t have enouth tine to process. Good for you gaing back to the oatmeal roots.
    Visiting from Share 4 Somethings.

  9. Tea With Jennifer

    I think it’s very brave to embrace change Lisa, very brave indeed! I find change difficult in this season of my life. ?

    Visiting from Anita’s today where we’re sitting at the table of Inspire Me Monday together ?
    blessings, Jennifer

  10. Joanne Viola

    I am not a fan of change either, Lisa, as I don’t like the sense of uncertainty that comes along with change. Maybe that is why I do love oatmeal – it has never changed, always tastes good, and brings comfort 🙂

  11. Jennifer

    I love (LOVE) oatmeal but have not had it for breakfast in so long…and I have no idea why? Somewhere along the way it did not “fit” with whatever new eating plan I was trying – but I see a return to oatmeal. Yeah!! Hope your week is off to a great start!! Happy Monday:)

  12. Donna

    Loved your tribute to your Mom, Lisa, thank you for sharing her with us! Love the future self thoughts with the nesting dolls. I had a set when I was a child from Okinawa, loved them so much. Reminds me of 1 John 3:2-3, we don’t yet appear as we will be, but when we see Him, we shall be like Him.

  13. Jean

    What a nice idea for an instagram account, beautiful tribute! That book sounds super interesting. I only like the instant oatmeal packets but they are pretty sugary. Maybe oatmeal cookies? Ha. Wishing you much happiness and health!

  14. Lynn

    That book sounds very interesting, Lisa! I can think of my future self this way: There is hope for me yet. 🙂 God’s definitely not done with us yet!

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