Share Four Somethings—August 2023

Near the end of each month at Jennifer’s linkup we share four somethings that we’re loving, reading, learning, and eating.

I also share my previous month’s One Second Everyday video . . .

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What I’m Loving


I received a critique of my writing last week from the mastermind writing group that I participate in. And it felt nothing like criticism.

The official definitions of critique and criticism may have some overlap. But when people you trust and respect offer advice with kindness and care, it is helpful, not hurtful.

I appreciate this group of women who not only offer me writing advice, but also encourage me with life advice on what I’m writing about.

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What I’m Reading


We all have ups and downs in life. I’ve had quite a few (again) this past year.

So this quote from Mark Nepo in Falling Down and Getting Up feels relevant (and it also contains my word of the year Human, which really pops up everywhere).

“When medieval monks were asked how they practiced their faith, they said, ‘By falling down and getting up.’ This is the human journey from which no one is exempt.”

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What I’m Learning


Incidental to falling down is gravity. Part of my mindfulness practice is placing awareness on which parts of my body are actually touching the ground (or the chair, floor, bed, etc.).

Being aware of gravity helps me stay centered in the present (my mind likes to travel to the past and future instead of staying put in this moment). Gravity keeps me grounded in more ways than one.

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What I’m Eating


When my daughter Jenna and I were in Chicago earlier this month, we didn’t eat any of Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style hot dogs.

But while waiting at Chicago’s O’Hare airport for our return flight home, a woman sitting beside me in the terminal was eating Garrett Popcorn, a Chicago favorite. I asked her where she got it, and if it was worth the long hike through the terminal to get it. She gave a hearty yes.

So on a last minute whim, I walked/ran back through the airport to find the Garrett popcorn stand before our call to board (wondering the whole way if chasing food was a stupid decision).

It proved to be worth it (and thankfully I still had plenty of time). Of the three flavors in the Garrett Mix, my favorite was Caramel Crisp.

Garrett Popcorn

Do you have a favorite Chicago food? What’s something you’re learning or loving this month?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—August 2023

  1. Trudy

    I’m so glad your writing group offers advice with kindness and care, Lisa. That’s a blessing. As always, I love you 1 second videos. I replayed the part of your grandson on that water mat at least 3 or 4 times. 🙂 It sounds like he said, “Amen!” Love and blessings to you!

  2. Barbara Harper

    It’s funny, but since reading your takes on the word “human,” I keep seeing it a lot, too, and think of you. I haven’t kept track of the quotes, though. Maybe I’ll send you the next one I see. 🙂 I can identify with falling down and getting up again.

    I wonder if the main distinction between criticism and critique is intent. I’m so glad our group’s purpose is to help and build up rather than tear down.

    I’ve never been to Chicago. But one of my favorite airport food moments was when we went to OK for my son’s wedding. We had an early flight, so I had not eaten yet. I don’t remember where we stopped for our layover, but they had a Quizno’s subs there. That sandwich was one of the best I’ve ever had. There was a Quizno’s here when we first moved here, but it closed down, sadly.

  3. Cindy Davis

    The popcorn looks yummy! I can’t eat corn so it has been years since I have had any popcorn. I prefer critiques to criticism and actually like getting them. I always want to be a better version of myself in whatever I am doing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Donna Reidland

    I’m not too much for sweetened popcorn but my husband would love it. What I’m enjoying (and learning to cook) is Mediterranean-style food. I made some bean and vegetable soup yesterday that turned out surprisingly delicious.

  5. Lois Flowers

    Writing advice plus life encouragement is the best combination! Your quote about falling reminds me of my dad’s response whenever we used to talk about his falling: “It’s OK because I know to fall.” Mmm hmmm … typical engineer response, right? I only wish he had taught me that skill. 🙂 I loved seeing your grandson push that cart of meals around … so wonderful that you take him with you on such outings.

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